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Auto-Syndicate Your Hubs to Millions of Readers with OnlyWire

Updated on May 13, 2014

OnlyWire allows publishers, bloggers and webmasters to syndicate contents to multiple social networking and bookmarking sites. It is a great and fast way to reach millions of readers globally. Bookmarking and creating backlinks used to be a difficult and arduous task... not anymore.


The version 2.0 was launched last February 2009. With over 100,000 users today, OnlyWire is a fast growing automated content and bookmark distribution site. You can currently promote your contents to 33 different social networking and bookmarking site with OnlyWire.

Choose between the Pay plan and Promote plan. Pay plan has a subscription fee of $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year (save 30%). The Promote plan on the other hand is free, provided that you add OnlyWire button on your blog or website. Either way, both options gives you the same functionality.

Setup an account with all 33 different sites by simply providing the usernames and passwords you use to log in. OnlyWire also provides toolbar for your internet browser that makes it easier for you to share web pages in just a few clicks. Some of the sites supported by OnlyWire's auto-syndication are Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Mixx, MySpace, Google Bookmarks, and Yahoo Bookmarks.

The emergence of OnlyWire really helped a lot in increasing traffic and page views without spending too much time visiting social networking and bookmarking sites one at a time. The auto-syndication feature of OnlyWire saves you time and effort with a click of a button.

Join HubPages, where you can write about a topic you love — for free! Includes potential to earn royalties and commissions.


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      Onlywire Signup for $5 7 years ago

      Good article. Thanks for great info.

      So, I will register all over 30 social networking account that mentioned in Onlywire and you just put it on your Onlywire for $5