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Back to School Savings

Updated on May 31, 2012

Where do the Summer months go? While your children may be screaming NO to going back to school, you're probably screaming YES! But, are either of you really prepared for back to school? Here are a few tips to help you beat the crowd and save some money in the process:

Start Shopping Early

Department stores and online companies will usually be putting Winter clothes on clearance towards the end of the school year. This is a fantastic time to shop for school winter clothes and coats. Companies are usually trying to get rid of Winter apparel to make room for Summer apparel. I usually buy my children one or two sizes bigger than what they are wearing now. However, when kids become a little older, this can be a bit tricky. Also, a few weeks after school has started back, companies will put summer merchandise and accessories on sale. The is the best time to buy for the upcoming Summer. I can usually find clearances from companies for as low as $1! I have a plastic storage box now full of $1 items. I just sort the clothes out at the beginning of each season.

Start Working on Your School List

If you don't like the crowds surrounding back to school sales, start on your school list early. Some schools will send supply list for the next grade after the school year has ended. Go ahead and get started. Some people like to wait until back to school sales start. That is fine, but I don't like crowds. It is just easier for me. Also, this way when the back to school sales actually do start, department stores and companies will have back to school supply list out and I start shopping for the next school year.

*For example, if my son is going to the second grade, I start shopping for school supplies that are on clearance when school ends for the summer. Then, when the back to school sales start at the end of July and the beginning of August I pick up a supply list for the third grade to kind of give me an idea of what he'll need when he finishes second grade. I then get a few supplies on the third grade list at this time and anything I have forgotten off the second grade list. I also get extra paper, pencils, folders, etc. to put in a plastic storage box. This way if he needs some more pencils or paper throughout the year, he can just grab from the plastic storage box. Since I start ahead on school shopping, I only end up having to put back fee and class donation money for the first day of school.

Take Advantage of Tax Free Weekend

Most states participate in a tax free weekend. Most school supplies, clothes, shoes, and electronics are tax free from Friday at 12 a.m. until Sunday ending at 12 a.m. Not only department stores participate in tax free weekend but some online companies participate also. At this time I usually just get a few things that I want or that my kids want because they already have everything they need. There are many ways to save on back to school shopping, these are just a few of mine. I hope my shopping tips have been as helpful for you as they are for me.


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    • Mommiegee profile image

      Mommiegee 5 years ago from Alabama

      Thank you Sue Adams for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    • Sue Adams profile image

      Juliette Kando FI Chor 5 years ago from Andalusia

      Some wise tips here, thanks.