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Barter Bistro - Day Seven Placed Ad for Worms

Updated on September 27, 2010

Need 1,000 Worms to Get Started

Posted the following barter ad: "Need 1,000 or more Red Wiggler worms for beginning compost project. I have misc nice jewelry, Two Unopened Sam's Size Preen Gardening Weed Preventative, Two new Houston Astro's old school hats and a few other items. I can write advertisements or flyers if you are a commercial worm grower. Serious inquiry only. They will go to good home."

As a Hubber suggested (forgot to bookmark it), I created a yahoo account for Craigslisting purposes.  I hate Captcha's--I always get the hard ones. 

My son was not sure if he wanted to offer up his Legos up for my project. If he were sellng his Thomas the Tank Engine stuff and legos, he wanted an XBox 360. Go figure. :o) wink wink. Ok, I'll stick to just bartering my stuff.

I did not set up the composter this evening. I'll need to make a spot behind the garage and move a bunch of stuff. I read a Hub that worms like being in shade, and the backyard doesn't lend itself much area that would be sprinkled on daily by our sprinker system. 

Looking forward to perusing the barter posts under farm and garden to see the multitudes of offers posted since yesterday.

I need to get more batteries for the camera so I can post pictures of my jewelry and stuff.  .

We did not discuss the "dog situation" but our son feels certain we could be enriched by increasing our family by one more.

Time spent: 30 Minutes
Money: $0
Happiness Factor: 10


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    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      Whew, 1,000 worms eh ? Well, I will go back to "makes me squeamish" LOL I gave a useful vote as well because the links to the additional hubs gave me a new bookmark to explore. So I also thank you...