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Barter Bistro - Day Ten / Vermiculture has got "Heart"

Updated on October 1, 2010

Still Haven't Found A Worm Picture Cuter Than This

Vermiculture: Who Knew Worms Have 5 Hearts

Day Ten of The Barter Bistro Project "leaves" me looking forward to the weekend. (A little composting humor.) No barter posts regarding worms since last week. No emails of worm business looking for someone who genuinely is interested in vermiculture. I read a few vermiculture hubs (for the longest time I thought it was vermin - culture.) last evening after blogging about Day Nine and hey, worms have five hearts! They are more facinating than I thought.

They reproduce quickly (though better in cooler temperatures and could result in a problem since I live in Texas), eat scraps except animal products (which is good cause I am not that great of a cook), their poop makes gold-compost that gardeners love (which is great cause I haven't garden-cultured in over 20 years), you can sell them (if you can ever find someone looking), don't run away like cows and other farm animals, live in a small area, you can make worm tea (not the kind you drink) for your fertilizer for your garden. Simple, the perfect money making machine and precious commodity in a garden. They do not make good pets and most likely you will never name them and get too attached.

You just have to touch them.

Big problem. I will try to overcome this problemo this weekend by trying to dig up a few of the little guys. Yup, I read up some more on how to prepare a compost bed and welcome them to Lynda Lou's composting home, er, uhm, very far, very far from the house. When I was little, I could bait a hook without touching one, but it took a very long time.

Barter potential for 1,000 worms: Maybe a 3
Money spent: $0
Barter Bistro Project Blogability without barterability: Ahem, maybe a 5
Time spent: 30 minutes plus another 30 minutes tonight researching what worms eat and such.



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    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 6 years ago from Mid-west United States

      Since I live in Michigan this may be a local thing but my buddies and i pay for worms all summer long. I have a great big back yard and plenty of room to set up something like what you are describing. I am thinking I may have a reason to follow this blog other than mere entertainment and to learn about hubbing.

      I will of course read and follow other's but for the moment you have my attention. Plus I will have an easy way to remind myself of which blogs I need to read again and explore more of the information within(links, other blogs, etc.)

      As they said this is a snowball effect if done properly and I am noticing more every time I am here. Thanks for your effort it will be rewarded...