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Barter Bistro - Finale Project Day

Updated on February 8, 2011

Barter Bistro Will Be An Ongoing Barter Project

Barter Bistro – Project Wrap Up

Bartering for worms was a project far trickier than originally thought.  I am an optimist, but thought at least I would get some nibbles on my post for 1,000 worms and be well on my happy little way to a composting bin with a budding worm ranch. 


I have a composter that fell into my hot hands the first week, which Hubby has awesomely cleared out and organized room behind the garage—without asking I may add.  It is not the optimal moisture for the worm ranch, but at least this location has shade without it being a low spot in the yard.  Worms don’t like wet or full sun.  (Neither do I).

I was not successful in bartering for worms these first thirty days and Day 16 through Day 30 were painfully uneventful.  Worms in the composter and worm “volunteers” were redirected from another part of our yard to their new home this past weekend.  We have five and one half worms in our composter.  I have read that worms can recreate parts of their bodies if not too far gone, and when we were digging them up a calamity happened.  My Dad offered that I can shovel up some of his flower beds to snag a few, and I just may do it.

I’ll close up the Barter Bistro for now, but will reopen it if I think up another “BIG” idea.  I still wholeheartedly believe that bartering will be the future economy and would like to create a company to do so….eventually.    Until then, I’ll keep a sharp eye for barter posts on Craigslist for interesting stuff and anything useful for my worm ranch as well as poke around in the composter to see how The Tribe of Five are doing.

Thanks for following Barter Bistro Project - The Quest for a Worm Ranch!!!    I had a heck of a fun time!!!

Enjoyment of Project: An 11 out of a scale 1-10
Success in obtaining worms:  Zero
Barter success in obtaining a house for future worms: 10


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    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 6 years ago from Mid-west United States

      Well LyndaLou must say I am disappointed this journey came to a halt so soon, I was hoping to glean more insight from all your hard work before considering such a task myself. I do have the room, time and love the idea for recycling. Plus my son loves vegetables so we could grow our own and just imagine all the possibilities we could use from that for writing.

      I want to thank you for tolerating my puppy dogging your posts . I haven't gotten to many others here lately trying to maintain a focus and learn, not just read and bounce everywhere.You made the series interesting and I had fun. I managed to create a little poem/acrostic for your bistro. It is on the first post I think. Feel free to add it to the post or attach it in any way if you like it. If not ignore or delete it. No credit or mention needed, just like to write and you inspired it so it's my return for your time.

      I also appreciate that you clicked on to follow me. Hope I am able to hold your interest...If you ever should have advice or critique please leave comments so I will know your ideas. I welcome all criticism, constructive or just downright in your face, so long as it is polite. *smiles*

      Will come to see your work again soon. Hope to see something new soon too...nudge - nudge