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Best Car Insurance Quotes and What You Need to Know about Obtaining Car Insurance Quotes

Updated on August 31, 2012

I’ve had my fair share of car insurance prices quoted to me over the phone over the past four years and over time I’ve found two very reliable companies that stand out from the rest. I’ve had prices quoted to me from Allied and Geico along with a few in-state insurance companies (except All State; after seeing what they did to the people that insurance with them and got gypped after Hurricane Katrina hit I can’t, in good conscience take them on as an insurance provider), I only came up with 2 that I found to have good service and good prices.

Let’s face it, I don’t think we’ll ever find “perfect” insurance providers, especially when you’re paying for a service you’re not 100% sure you’ll ever use (and if you do end up using it, chances are it’s not a happy time for you and even under the best of those circumstances the nicest customer service reps can possibly annoy you), but since we all need it just to keep our car--and we know we need our cars--you just have to deal with it and try to find the best company to deal with possible.

Company number one is Safe Auto. They were, on average for me, about $100 less a year than their competition. I live in South Carolina and believe it or not there are still a few companies out there that don’t set up plans that give you the option of that automatically deduct their fees from your checking account or let you pay over the phone with your debit card, but Safe Auto is nationwide and it’s almost to be expected that they would have that service and they do. It was a long time ago since I dealt with them, but from what I remember they did give courtesy calls about renewals as well. Not every company does that.

Company number two is State Farm. They were also about $100 less than their competitors. Why did I change from Safe Auto to State Farm? There’s always a reason isn’t there? For me, it was NEVER about the service or any random spike in their insurance prices in case you’re wondering. But for certain reasons I had to change, no fault due to Safe Auto in the least. It was just one of those things. But the company that I found to be most reliable besides them was State Farm. The next best thing.

Of course you would have to factor your needs and driving records with the information to obtain a fair quote for your vehicle and we all know there are many factors involved. For one thing, if you’re adding a teenager onto your insurance it will increase the cost of it. There’s really no avoiding that. Secondly, the cars with the highest insurance rates are red, black and silver. I learned that when I was really young, thought it was really stupid, and noticed that those are the 3 main colors that nearly everybody wants when they’re looking for a car so the insurance companies are just being very smart (crooks) about it. A lot of people have different opinions on this matter, but it's not some urban myth, it's true. Third, your insurance rates will not decrease, at least in the United States, until you reach the age of 25. Why 25? I’ve wondered that for years and have never received a plausible answer, but 25 it is. Fourth, for a lot of auto insurance companies you have to list every member in your household with a driver’s license or of a certain age on your policy whether they’ll be driving your vehicle or not, so with those companies it won’t just be your driving record that matters. You can never have had a speeding or parking ticket, no accident reports, and always kept up your payments, but if the other person has a terrible driving record it will be factored into determining what your fees will be so keep that in mind when finding a company.

Fifth, and most importantly, the aforementioned speed and parking tickets, along with accident reports and DUI charges are the reasons why most people are careful when they get behind the wheel of their cars and other people’s cars. Some teens that just start driving also know this and I commend the ones who try to stick by the rules even when their friends are pressuring them to do otherwise because their parents have explained to them the possible consequences of their actions and they’re trying to be responsible. People need to remember that their driver’s licenses are a privilege, not a right, and it can be taken away from you for a number of reasons (and suspended as well). If you fail to pay certain fees/bills or neglect other obligations you could very well end up with a suspended license in your possession and not even know it. They always claim to send notices to citizens that they’ve been informed that they have a suspended license in their possession, but I know for a fact that in certain instances they did not and that could possibly land you in jail (fortunately for the people I knew, they found out by chance in other situations that their licenses were suspended and hadn’t been stopped by a State Trooper and been informed then). Being a responsible driver entails a lot, more than some people realize, and if they did they’d be scared senseless when they actually got their license.

All in all, by keeping yourselves safe on the road you’re keeping others safe as well. So do good so we all can.


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