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Best Investment Opportunities and Activities To Leave Your 9-5

Updated on March 26, 2015

This hub is in respnse to a question on

generating income with investments and activities as opposed to working a forty hour week for some one else. I will break this down into the two categories, and then elaborate a bit on ways to use each of these ideas to promote your own success. The general consensus is that getting wealthy in this manner will be difficult to achieve. Profit is possible, but there are several factors that one must consider when approaching this subject. For instance, writing is one method of generating an income. However, there are millions of blogs and millions of writers, making the odds against generating substantial income seem incredible. You will have to consider factors such as the quality of your work, speed of writing, amount of creativity, time invested to make a return, what return that time might bring, etc. This list could go on and on. So, the first suggestion that I would make to the young entrepreneur is to spend some time doing a good bit of introspection (looking inside yourself) to analyze what you know and what you are willing to do to reach this goal. Once you have an understanding of where you are in terms of knowledge and what you are prepared to do, you will be more able to use one of these suggestions to propel you toward success.

Choose your investment wisely
Choose your investment wisely
And reap huge rewards
And reap huge rewards


Making investments is a great way to generate income without working a 9 to 5 job. There have been many people who made huge fortunes investing their money. The opportunities are limitless. However, this is a path paved with pitfalls and stumbling blocks. From my personal perspective, you better arm yourself with a great deal of knowledge before undertaking an endeavor such as this one. For every person who has made has millions this way, there were thousands of others who lost their investment instead of making a profit. If you were looking for specific pieces of investment strategy, I will give a few. These items are my opinion, and I am not a certified financial adviser. That being sad, I believe the oil companies stocks are as good as it gets for an investment opportuntiy. Considering that the entire world is dependent on their product, it doesn't look like they will be taking losses any time soon. Add to that fact their record profits over the past few years, and stock in oil looks like a pretty safe investment strategy. There are other potential investment opportunities that you could consider as well. Gold and precious metalshave seen great increases in value over the past few years, and are not likely to go back down very far. If that trend continues, precious metals would be another great investment. One other investment idea has been eating at me lately. With the current housing crisis, property is accessible at really low prices. If you are skilled or knowledgeable in home improvements, you have a shot to make good money. This is risky business, but the analyst that I have listened to suggested the market is at it's bottom. That means the best possible prices on property that will be available for some time to come are available right now. Investing in real estate is going to make some people rich in the near future, as it has many times in the past. The unanswered questions are about who and where. Those who have the best insight into their local market will likely reap great rewards when the housing market begins it's upswing. There is definitely an opportunity here, it just isn't for everyone. All in all, there are many areas that you can make income with an investment. Not all of them are winners. Your success will be determined by how well you choose, how well you prepare yourself for your choice, and how well you execute that preparation.

One of the potential games of skill
One of the potential games of skill | Source

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On the activities side of the spectrum, the possibilities are almost limitless. Some potential options for the "Average Joe" are writing, providing courier services, painting services, cleaning services, and just about any other service oriented business that you can think of. The best performing small businesses provide professional services, such as dentist, doctors, and psychologist. All of these are "activities" that can generate an income. There are many others. The web has a lot to offer right now for a profitable activity if you are familiar with e-commerce. The ease with which one can begin an online business is truly amazing. You can, as I did, go from clueless to reaching a wide audience online in a matter of weeks. There are wonderful platforms to build websites with point and click templates and free web hosting. With absolutely no investment, you can open a business virtually over night. The only cost is the host's banner that you must advertise on your page. And, for a miniscule investment you can even get rid of that. The option to create a web site this easily makes it available to any person with a skill to market themselves directly to the public. On that note, blogs and article writing have become quite popular in the past decade or so. Even though I do not have any personal experience with blogging, I have heard many good things about successful blogs. Writing for sites like Hub Pages and Triond also have potential for the creative and determined. The fact you can do either of these without an investment makes them perfect testing grounds for success without having to post up your own money to give it a shot.

Are you a risk taker or competitive?

For the cold and calculating, gambling is an activity that can be lucrative. There are many forms of gambling, and some of them have better odds for success than others do. For example, entering a tournament to compete in a game of skill can be profitable, if you have the abilities required to take home the money. If competition is something that you are interested in, here are a few potential recommendations. Poker tournaments can have a fantastic ROI (return on investment) if you can weather the storm. There are also billiards, bowling, golf, and many other sports/games to compete in. This is an area that one size fits all does not work. However, there is potential profit in these activities so I felt they must be added.

I welcome feedback.

There are certainly investments and activities that are not on this list. Please feel free to share your ideas with me so that I may make this hub better. In summation, I'd say there are an incredible amount of opportunities available in the world today. The benefits of success can be magnificent, but picking the wrong one can be a catastrophe. Take the time to do your due diligence before jumping into any of the ideas I have shared. They are designed to be of benefit to you, my reader, not harmful. Using this information without preparing yourself properly is a likely recipe for failure. Like I said in the first capsule, look inside and know yourself, and then you will see which path is the right one for you! Thank you for reading this article. I appreciate your time and hope you will take a minute to follow me to encourage me to produce more material.

Investing In Real Estate Risk Vs Reward


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    • rclinton5280 profile image

      Robert Clinton 6 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Your welcome, Laurens. I tried to stick to the legal and morally viable options. There are plenty that are not on here. Suggestions are welcomed. Thank you for the inspiration to write an interesting hub.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 6 years ago

      Fantastic hub, with plenty of ideas. I keep seeing more and more people not working the traditional 40 hour shift and now, I am wondering how they get the income to pay their bills. There must be something that we are missing because it does not seem that the people that I have met not working the 40 hour week are doing the jobs that you listed. Thank you for a very wonderful hub and for answering my question!!!!