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5 Reasons Why Today Is The Best Time Ever To Start A Business

Updated on November 19, 2012
A small percentage of what we send out every day!
A small percentage of what we send out every day!

"Everyone Needs Shoes"

I used to sell high end windows for a home improvement company. When I started there, I had to go thru a week of training with the sales manager and the rest of the new recruits. During one of the classes, our brilliant instructor shared this little gem with us. The story was a tale of 2 shoe salesmen, who were sent to the outback in search of new business. The first to arrive traveled into the territory to investigate what potential was available there and then called back to the office. "There is no opportunity here, these people are savages, no one needs shoes". That did not go over well with the boss. Shortly afterwards, the second salesman concluded his travels in the land and gave his conclusion. "There is a great opportunity here, everyone needs shoes." And, if everyone needs shoes, why don't we just provide them? I think we should. So, here are the reasons why I believe that now is the best time ever to start a business.

  1. Capital Investment has always been a big hurdle for any new business. For as long as I have lived, the amount of money required to start a business was mind boggling. In the old model, a company would have to secure a building, pay to advertise, and invest heavily before doing business with the first customer. Today, any person with a little drive and determination can offer a product or service directly from their home without spending a cent.
  2. Property Value is down in our current economy. Therefore, if your business does require a brick and mortar location, you will likely get a better deal on the building right now. There are many different options available in the area where I live, how many potential locations can you think of where you live?
  3. Free Websites and blogs are the backbone of how to start a company without any financial investment. There are so many potential avenues. You can actually build and operate a website for free these days. You can also use social media platforms to reach out to a network of friends with a page such as Facebook, or generate a blog on something that interest you and is interesting to other people.
  4. Free Advertising is the stuff dreams are made of. I remember when a business had to be in the yellow pages to be competitive, and they charged quite a bit for that ad. For a small company, a recurring fee like that could sink you on a bad month, so being able to use it if you chose it is a really nice option. Today, there are a multitude of online candidates to advertise your business that are free. Even the "Yellow Pages" themselves have gotten in on the free listing service. Other examples are, yahoo local, and super pages. There are several more that I didn't list as well.
  5. Rebuilding America has got to be a concern to any person living in the USA right now. We are losing ground on the world, and it is high time we step up and take some initiative as a whole. Our government is being manipulated by corporations to steal our freedoms, and each successful small business takes another piece of the pie back to the people. I dream of an America where we buy and sell our goods to each other, and keep our money inside our borders. Personally, I am sick of watching the world get wealthy off of our decline. We send billions to the middle east every day for oil, the illegals send billions more back to Mexico, and then we buy all of our manufactured goods from the Chinese. And people still wonder why America's coffers are empty. Paying more for a product is worth it if that business owner returns to you for service from your company. There is no value in building our enemies empires and power. We must rebuild our bonds inside our communities and use them to strengthen our nation from the ground up. Your part matters, let's get it done. Our forefathers sacrificed too much for us to waste it. Let's protect their investment, and our children's futures. Thank you for reading my hub.

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