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Cities to buy most affordable beautiful homes in America - house prices under $190,000 in US

Updated on October 19, 2011

Few months ago, I was walking along with a colleague of mine. When she saw a beautiful house, she told me that she long to have one like that after she gets children. Not just her, most of us dream of having a home. Unfortunately we don't have enough money to own a house in the place where we want to be. However, if you are ready to relocate, there are several places in US where you can afford to buy a house. In this article I like to share with you a few affordable places.

Papillion, NE- Median home price: $145,000

This suburb of Omaha has a stable economy, first-class schools, and many large parks with a variety of family-friendly events. Heard about annual Midlands Pirate Festival? Check this website if you like to know about this.

There is Offutt Air Force Base near this area and there are lots of opportunities for milary contracting. Local agri-business is also booming in this area. Most people rely on agriculture and they are good farmers (most of us forget where our potatoes comes from, we just eat it) and the median family income is $92,430.

A home in Johnston
A home in Johnston | Source

Johnston, IA - Median home price: $181,000

The big employers in the region are Pioneer Hi-Bred, Iowa Public Television and John Deere Financial. The unemployment in this area is under 6%, below the national average. The median family income is $118,055. This means, if you save half of what you earn, you can buy a home here in about 3 years with cash (no mortgage).

People in the area love children. In the last 20 years, population has been quadrupled (do we call them baby boomers?). Quality neighborhoods and an excellent school system is something residents boast about.

A home in Wesley
A home in Wesley | Source

Wesley Chapel, FL - Median home price: $134,000

The major employers in the region are financial services firms. There are also good schools around and taxes are also less. Population in this region have grown 700% since 2000 (real baby boomers). This also means, the home prices will go up as the demand increases.

Lake Jackson, TX - Median home price: $125,000

An interesting aspect of this city is that it was built in the early 1940s as a planned community in support of a new plant of the Dow Chemical Company. The City of Lake Jackson was then incorporated in March 14, 1944. The Dow Chemical Company and the Brazosport Independent School District are major employers of residents. The median family income in this region is $91,922.

If you like to read more about the city of Lake Jackson check here


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