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Make Money Online with BurstMedia

Updated on November 13, 2012

Make Money Online

To those who may not be aware, Burst Media offers web publishers two ways to let their site /blog fetch optimum ad revenue - Burst Direct and Burst Network. The key feature of Burst Direct is it provides publishers the opportunity to maximize their fill rate with quality performance campaigns. Likewise, the key feature of Burst Network is it provides you high CPM’s, quality campaigns, and full control of which ads run on your site.

Of course, you can choose from a variety of advertising programs and formats that feature a host of top brand advertisers and well-known providers of goods and services. Their ad network called Burst Direct helps publishers with tremendous reach to direct marketers

The payments are fairly generous as Burst Direct program pays you up to 65% of the total revenue and will pay promptly on the 1st of the month for campaigns. The minimum check amount Burst Direct pays out is $50.

Make Money Online with Burst Media

Like most others,Burst Media also imposes certain pre-qualifying conditions to be eligible for participation. The terms include a minimum of 20,000 page views per month, the content must only be in English, the site must contain a publicly stated privacy policy etc., Burst Direct Network ads can only be placed on sites which have been reviewed and approved by Burst staff.

Again, to qualify for Burst Network, you should have at least 5,000 page views per month. Your site should represent specialty content and sites hosted on free providers will be ineligible. Burst Network will pay you up to 60% of the revenue for participation earnings. I understand that payment method is otherwise similar to Burst Direct.

There is ample evidence that web publishers, advertisers, and media professionals have relied on Burst Media for the past 15 years to enjoy consistent, profitable results.


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    • profile image

      Ali 6 years ago

      thanks it was helpfull

    • profile image

      The America News 7 years ago

      Very Thanx 4 This Information

    • J.T. profile image

      J.T. 10 years ago

      Great hub, pure and simple, i have to look into this, it has potential, thanks sunseven.