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California EBT Card Account Information

Updated on February 16, 2011

California EBT Card

Those people that receive public assistance for food stamp benefits, cash benefits or other benefit programs in the State of California use the Golden State Advantage EBT Card. EBT, which stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer is the method for distributing, facilitating, redemption and processing food stamp, CA Food Assistance Program or federal SNAP benefits to low income recipients.

Recipients utilize their Golden State Advantage food stamp card in order to access their issued benefits and to purchase food at authorized grocers and retailers. These CA, California EBT debit cards can also be used at ATM machines. A few nice features about these electronic benefits cards is that they are easy to use, just like a regular debit card, and they are convenient and secure. Food stamp and cash aid benefits can be redeemed at over 80,000 authorized stores and locations in CA. The official website to handle your Golden State Advantage account is at

California EBT Account

California ebt cardholders can use the official website at, to gain access to their ebt account, check their balance and get other specific information on their benefits. If you do not yet have an ebt account, you can create one online at, and see your balance. Once you are inside of your online account, you can now manage your acct, check funding and cash balances, review transactions. You can also find out all about the ebt debit card and the benefit program. You can find out which stores will take the CA benefit card and where you can use it. 

One very important note is to never misuse your food and cash benefits.

The State of California electronic benefit transfer client website for the Golden State Advantage EBT Card is at

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      melissa meyers 4 years ago

      how long do you wait for to fill your card everymonth-

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      how long do it take to get a new card

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