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Camel Cigarettes Coupons

Updated on May 29, 2012

Camel cigarette coupons can help you save money on your next purchase. As the price of cigarettes continue to rise, smokers frequently search the Internet for printable Camel cigarette coupons. There are sites that claim to offer cigarette coupons, but you should be sure to read the coupon carefully for any restrictions. This page will provide information on where you can often find printable cigarette coupons, manufacturer coupons and other money saving opportunities.

Camel is a brand of cigarettes that was first offered by the R.J. Reynolds Company in 1913. Many people associate the brand with the camel printed on the pack. For many years the company used the cartoon character "Joe Camel" in their advertisements. Many people felt this tactic appealed to children so the company retired him in 2007. Today, Camel remains one of the most popular cigarettes in the United States. Many smokers enjoy Camel's blend of Turkish and Virginia tobacco.

Where To Find Camel Cigarette Coupons and Deals

The rising cost of cigarettes has forced many smokers to use coupons and discounts to help make them more affordable. It is often difficult to find coupons, but they are available. There are several Internet sites that occasionally have coupons for Camel cigarettes. Since it is illegal for underage people to purchase cigarettes, registration may be required to verify your age. The first place to start your search is on Camel's official website. You will have to complete a short enrollment process to gain access to the site. Popular coupon sites like Retail Me Not frequently have cigarette offers. This site lists several different links to printable coupons and coupon codes. A great feature of this site gives the success rate of each coupon. You should read each coupon carefully looking for an expiration date and which Camel products are included.

The R.J. Reynolds Company and local retailers will offer discounts on Camel cigarettes.  The company may have coupons attached to the packs.  These coupons may be redeemable to this or future purchases of Camel products.  Occasionally, some stores will package multiple packs at a discounted price.  Sometimes it pays to shop around because cigarette prices can vary from store to store.  If the deal is good enough, you may want to stock up.

Vintage Camel Cigarette Commercial

Camel Cigarette Products

There are numerous varieties of Camel cigarettes.  Some of them include:  Filtered, Non-filtered, Menthol, Lights, Ultra Lights and Camel Wides.  If you are looking for specialty cigarette from Camel, you may want to try the following:  Camel Turkish Royal, Silver or Gold, Camel No. 9 or Camel Special Blends.  Many of Camel's cigarettes are available in 100's or shorts.

Camel Snus

Camel also makes smokeless tobacco products.  Recently, the company introduced Camel Snus.  Camel Snus is a product that comes in a pouch which is inserted between your teeth and upper lip.  Many people enjoy this product because there is no mess or smoke and you do not have to spit like you do with typical smokeless tobacco.  Snus is not a new concept.  It was developed and has been used in Sweden for over 200 years.  This product is available in the following flavors:  Frost, Robust, Winterchill and Mellow.

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