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CeeJay's Free Money Saving Tips

Updated on March 14, 2011
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The author has degrees in mathematics and education. She loves to travel, sightsee, sample local cuisine, and plan special events.

Save On Personal Supplies Without Sacrificing Quality

If you walk barefoot like I do, then hard dry skin or callus builds up on your heels. Don’t throw away those used disposable shaving razors that your husband uses or the ones you use for legs and underarms. Soak the razors in alcohol, shake then dry so they will not rust and store in a plastic storage bag. Soak your feet in warm water and suds from antibacteria soap. After soaking your feet, scrape the dead skin from your heels using the disposable razors you saved. Several used disposable shaving razors might be needed depending how long you have gone with the callus on your heels.

Using the used disposable shaving razors are safer than using the foot razors normally bought over the counter. You might easily cut your foot using the foot razors that are normally sold over the counter. If you are not diabetic and occasionally do your own pedicures, this tip can put thirty extra dollars into your savings account each month. You can use a nail file to gently remove the build up from around and under your toe nails.

Another saving tip is acne treatment. I have had recurring acne problems. I have spent a lot of money on facial creams and acne treatment. I finally found an easy way to relieve my problem and I am sharing it in case it can help someone else. If you have used Proactive kits and other similar kits that usually cost $16 to $20 each month. Try using cool water and antibacterial soap that does not contain any dye. Wash your face twice with the soapy water and pat your face dry with a face towel. Purchase a store brand of medicated acne gel containing 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. I found a store brand for under $3. Spread a thin film over your face and let air dry. Afterwards, spread a thin film of oil-absorbing protective moisturizing sports cream for acne prone skin (oil-free) with SPF-30 UVB. I bought a brand for under $3. This is a monthly savings of $14 for me. I was using a brand that cost me about $21 with tax each month. This regimen has been working fine for me. It is easy to keep up. The important thing is to pamper your face with this regimen morning and night.

If you are dieting to lose those extra pounds and you already buy and drink grape or apple juice a day. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a 10 ounce glass of juice each day. This will help with your weight loss efforts and the taste is refreshing. I usually keep grape juice and vinegar in my kitchen cabinet, so I don’t consider the expense an additional one. I have stopped buying the usual weight loss shake, so I have saved each month on that expense.

As you find money saving tips that work, add it to your list and watch your savings account add up. Over a year’s time I have added an additional $592.80 plus interest to my savings account. You can do it too. Just start looking for ways to save but not sacrifice in the process.

Keep a spreadsheet record using a before and after savings record each month so that you can visually see the difference. An example record is presented below:



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    • CeeJHicks profile image

      CJ Hicks Gathright 18 months ago from Meridian, Mississippi

      Thank you

    • Margie Lynn profile image

      Margie Lynn 18 months ago from Beautiful Texas Hill Country

      I loved your tips! Give us more!