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Make Money Online with Clicksor

Updated on November 13, 2012

Make Money with Clicksor

Having spent valuable time researching the Internet for finding ways to make money online, I can say with a fair degree of conviction that Clicksor, the online money making resource should merit serious consideration.

Clicksor offers webmasters the chance to enjoy steady income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text or showing on their websites targeted contextual banner. Clicksor is quite generous in that it pays nearly 70 percent of the advertising revenue generated from the website/ blog.

The imaginatively designed Contextual Advertising Technology developed by Clicksor enables the visitors to browse the content of the website and simultaneously create earnings for the site owner. Clicksor claims that Contextual Targeting technology targets the visitors more closely to the product or service the site is marketing.

Make money online with Clicksor
Make money online with Clicksor

Make Money Online

To join Clicksor and make money online, there is the pre-condition that the participating sites should have 5,000 page views per day or 150000 page views per month. This is not the only demerit as I found that Clicksor also imposes certain other conditions – not all of them wholly acceptable.

  • The site must have content written only in English.
  • The sites should not be a personal site or any free hosting websites.
  • Sites should not indulge in software trading (warez).
  • Sites must not contain any incriminating material or link to any form of illegal activity
  • Sites should neither be proxy sites nor contain links to such services.
  • Sites cannot participate in any type of spam.

Of course one need not worry about payment as Clicksor has a regular fortnightly payment schedule. If the earnings cross $50.00 in any pay period, payments will be effected either through check or through Paypal. However, if the earnings fall below $50, the amount will be switched over to the next pay period. Signing up with Clicksor is quite simple and free.

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