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Highest Paying Hot Jobs in Australia

Updated on March 26, 2013

Top Paying Jobs in Australia

One of the popular countries located in the southern hemisphere is Australia which is among those providing a lot of opportunities to overseas job seekers and a favorite destination of people who wants to migrate in order to have a better living. This country is the 23rd largest exporter in the world. Australian jobs are much sought after along with high paying jobs in USA, UK, Dubai, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, and India.

Australia’s economy is composed mainly of its service sectors, mining and agriculture as well. The current scenario in Australia suggests that economic status of the country is rising along with more and more job opportunities for those who are searching for best paying overseas jobs. Lets have a look at the various career sectors in Australia at the moment.

Perth Skyline, Australia
Perth Skyline, Australia

Work and Live in Australia

  • IT jobs are in popular demand in Australia. They pay well if the candidate has the desired skills and experience. Though the recession period had adversely hit this sector in Australia like many other countries, now the trends of up growth in this industry are extremely likely. This sector gives a good start in several career options for people who have just graduated or who already have experience in the relevant field. So, people who are from this background can have a good start as it shall provide them with the desired job as well as money. Specialized technical people are often benefited as they are being highly paid by various MNC’s.

Most of the IT people who are in demand are the people who are good at web designing and are specializing in other programming for web. This is one such sector where people can reach to higher positions only with the help of their skills and knowledge.

  • Engineers in management positions are also quiet well paying in Australia. The sole criteria of working as a manger in this field is either having a technical degree that supports the relevant field which one is looking forward to, or have experience of four to six years in the desired fields. Such candidates are not only paid well by their organizations but are also given extra benefits of accommodations, medical insurances and other perks that help them in saving their salary a lot.

The engineering mangers are expected to plan, organize, coordinate and control other technical engineering procedures. It is expected from them that they do maintain law and safety at the work stations.

  • Besides the engineers and IT people, other most upcoming field in Australia is the tourism industry. This industry is being promoted internationally as Australian government finds that tourism industry can fetch great economic support. This sector is a great hub for different people as diverse career options are available. People with good skills in the relevant posts are eligible for managerial level supervisors, clerks and other positions which can be acquired depending upon one’s own skills.

The tourism industry requires lots of technical people ranging from chefs, waiters, office attendants, supervisors managers and so on. So, this sector can give options to both skilled and non skilled people.

  • The people who are academically well versed and have interest in research and development can find good options in Australia. People wishing to work in this field must have good academic background in their relevant field as this file requires a lot of brainstorming skills.The research and development staff are mostly involved in creating and finding out information on skills that can be implemented in daily life and which are safe and cost effective. Due to the hard work involved in such type of work, these fields are very rewarding. Such people not only get high salaries but also get opportunities to travel around the world and get to meet celebrities. Once their project is successful, it gives them a lot of recognition.
  • People from medical field also have good scope in Australia, especially the surgeons. Anesthesiologists are in great demand there
  • Finance and accounting are two other upcoming fields in Australia. Financers and accountants are working for various organizations or can even work individually by providing advice to the clients. People from finance sectors can work with organizations dealing with foreign exchanges, insurance companies, stock markets and many such options. People having sound knowledge and good command over foreign languages can find even better options in Australia.
  • Other good options available to people can be from the manufacturing sector. This sector requires qualified people at higher positions with good salaries and people who are not technically well aware do get some labor or other jobs that can fetch good amount on daily wages basis.

Australia is surely a great country having diversity in choices. People who would like to settle here can search for several options for jobs in various sectors mentioned above.

Finding a good career option in Australia depends basically on one’s skills and interests and the deserving candidates are paid really well for their hard work.


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    • profile image

      azeem 7 years ago


      Actually the oil and gas industry is booming in Australia and field related to oil and gas industry are by far the most highly pais for example if you are a production or plant manager or if you are doing petroleum engineering you will be getting 2000AUD per week at the start and this will increase with your experience, if you work on an oil rig you get 100,000AUS per annum this is your starting salary and your work schedule is 14 days on and 23 days off, the reason why I am quoting this is because I am actually studying Marine and offshore Engineering at Australian Maritime College which is the best Maritime institution in the world and I also have been working for Shell as a Marine Engineer.

    • profile image

      Asma taj 7 years ago

      informations r very very good,,,,,,,thxx for gaving this awareness to up coming new students who done with graguation ,,,or masters degrees,,,,,once again thx

      i have one suggestion plzz also tell us how to apply for job in aborad,,,,,procejers,,,oppertunites,,,etc,,,,or compny send invitation on their on behafes,,,,,,plzz help in this way also


      asma taj



    • profile image

      georgia langford 7 years ago


    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 8 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      Sun Seven, Well done you sure picked the best state. The one with beautiful and whitest sand beaches in all of Australia.

      All though jobs are not as easy to get at the moment as seems to be more people over here than jobs. If determined you would get one though of that I am sure. Trouble there are toooooo many lazy people supposed to be looking for work but really are not. Nice hub. thanks

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      Thanks Sunseven, there are also some good resources for overseas jobs at ExploringAbroad. I didn't know Australia had so much in IT or web design. I figured there would be more oil drilling jobs there too