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Couponing at Publix Supermarket

Updated on August 29, 2011

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Working with the new coupon policy

While some were not happy with the changes to the coupon policy at Publix, Publix still remains one of the most coupon friendly companies in the central Florida area.  In this Hub, I would like to illustrate the changes that I saw in my local Publix and let you new couponers out there know what you can expect.  

Publix was once a couponers dream place because they would let you stack coupons with competitor coupons with out regard to how far the competitor was.  This was great for couponers.  I am going to use my area as an example.  Competitors like Target and Winn-Dixie are very far away and yet I was able to use the coupons from those competitors at my Publix.  When I say far away, I am talking a 30 minute drive.  It was an awesome blessing, although for me it was short lived.  As I shared with you in a previous post, I am new to the couponing culture.  I am enjoying my savings and am consistently at 50% and above savings.  

For my fellow beginner couponers, let me explain what stacking coupons are.  Publix allows you to use one store or competitor coupon together with one manufacturer coupon on each item sold.  A manufacturer's coupon is what you will most commonly find in the sunday paper, stuck on the product you are purchasing, at taste displays, or at those little machines in the grocery stores.  These coupons will say Manufacturer somewhere on the face of the coupon and is most commonly found on the upper left hand corner next to the coupons experation date.  A store coupon, on the other hand, is a special that the store is having.  A competitor coupon is a store coupon for another location and is considered a store coupon at Publix.  

Here is an example... Publix is known for their amazing buy one get one free deals.  Let say they have a buy one get one free dog treat.  The price of the treat is $4.  If you are a member of Publix's pet rewards club, you may have a coupon for $1 off of that item.  If you have 2 subscriptions to the sunday paper, you may also have 2 coupons for $1 off that product.  Since you are able to use one Manufacturer coupon on each item and you have 2 items for the price of one, you can apply both manufacturer coupons.  Now remember that you can also use one store coupon per item.  In this example you only have one store coupon.  The end result is that you would be able to get these two dog treats for $1 because you stacked 3 $1 coupons that covered the rest.  On the rare occasion that you are blessed with 2 store coupons and 2 manufacturer coupons you are able to get the dog treats in this example for free.

Here is another example that I was blessed to have taken advantage of last week.  Jon Frieda's Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner was being sold at Publix for $5.49 each.  I had 2 manufacturers coupons for $3 off any Jon Freida product.  One of the Publix flyers I picked up a week or two before had a coupon for $2 off Jon Freida's Root Awakening products.  Because of Publix's buy one get one free sales, I am known to take 2 of the flyers that I see them put out, even if nothing calls my attention right away.  I figure, if i do not use it, I can turn it in to my daughter's school who raises funds by recycling paper.  Because I had 2 of each coupon, I was able to purchase both the shampoo and the conditioner for 49 cents each.  I saved a gorgeous 10 dollars on hair care and I am going to get to try a new product and see if I like it.  If I do not like it and the same deal were to present itself again, I could always spend the dollar and donate it to a shelter, a children's rescue, an outreach program, or to our troops overseas.

Now, you are still able to do this at Publix.  Publix offers many great coupons which can be found in your local paper or right in front of the store where they keep the shopping carts.  The only difference is that each Publix has now designated which competitor coupons they are going to accept.  Each Publix will accept coupons from local competitors which are within 5 miles.  For me that means that I can not use my target web coupons because that store is more than 30 minutes away from my area.  You will be able to find a small, gray, square paper in the same place the coupons and store circulars are held that will have the acceptable competitors listed on the back.  One you find out who they are, you can check for printable coupons on their sites or pick up their circulars.

For more information on couponing in the central Florida area, consider hosting a free coupon class.  I know of a great couponing instructor named Mary who will go out to your group (at least 10 people) and give you a wealth of information.  Leave a comment or send me a message for more details.

Many Blessings!


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