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Couponing with CVS - Coupon

Updated on August 28, 2011
Extra Care Card
Extra Care Card | Source
Extra Bucks
Extra Bucks | Source
CVS Coupon Center
CVS Coupon Center | Source
The Green Bag Tag
The Green Bag Tag | Source

Saving money with CVS

Saving money is becoming more and more popular. It is easy to see why. Families need to stretch their dollar now more than ever and I am going to show you how to do it effectively at CVS.

To begin, there are going to be some things you will need. I would sign up for 2 extra care cards. Since my Mom and I combine our households for couponing by group shopping, one card is hers and the other is mine. The card earns you ECB or Extra Care Bucks. Basically, that is money back that you can use for future purchases at CVS. In my most recent shopping trip, I was able to get over $40 of merchandise down to $14 with coupons. Then I was able to get 8 ECB's for those purchases to use on my next shopping trip.

ECB's print at the bottom of your receipt. They are easy to overlook or misplace. They are money! They have an expiration date. Members of the coupon culture have a routine. They have a day designated to shop at CVS and WAGS. I have a designated note book that I hold the coupons I am going to use, shopping lists, ads, ECB's, Register Rewards, to do lists and my store cards. By using your own routine, you are able to make sure that these get used and are not wasted. If for nothing else, it is great to use it for Milk or another needed item.
Be sure to cut them from your receipt and put them in your shopping binder as soon as you get them.

Your extra care card keeps track of your savings and ECB's. Once you have one, be sure to register it either in the store or online. Often, CVS will email exclusive coupons directly to you. Once again, print them right away and stick them in your binders. To give you an example, I recently received a save $4 off of a $20 purchase. You submit this coupon before all other coupons and you are all set. Sometimes these offers will also print out on your receipts. Your extra card can be used to get coupons from the coupon center.

The coupon center is located close to the entrance of the store. It is usually in the first 3 or 4 rows when you walk down the master aisle (that the aisle that takes you from the front to the back of the store passing all other aisles). When you scan the barcode on the back of your Extra Care card, some coupons will print out for you. These can be good for merchandise or they can be more ECB's. I was recently surprised by 2 ECB's which is the same as $2 to use for anything I like.

If you have read my work before, you know that I am interested in reducing my carbon foot print and donating/helping others. Here is a program that I love. CVS sells a Green Bag Tag. It is only a dollar and you earn ECB's when it is attached to your green bad and scanned during each visit! I think every 4 or 5 scans equals 1 ECB. What an easy way to make a buck!

There is so much potential in realistic couponing. I am not an extremist. I do have a small stockpile that I will continue to grow because I intend to donate some, use some, and share some with my Mom and Mom in law. It is a bit of work, but I am enjoying the rewards and feel that it is worth it. If you are new to this culture, I recommend finding guidance. For example, in the Central Florida Area, Couponers United, helps us by preparing the best deals in popular stores and showing you what coupons to use and where to find these coupons. That cuts out all the research for you and just leaves you with the job to match these up.


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