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Cut Your Monthly Bills With The Internet

Updated on December 31, 2010

Our economy is going through a period of distress. If you're struggling to pay your bills but don't want to cut out the essentials-- you should really consider the benefits of the Internet. There are many different ways to cut down your monthly bills without cutting out the essentials. Here's a few options that could help you substantially:

1. Call up your cable company and tell them to shove it! No really, go ahead and do it. With Internet streaming at a all time high, why spend so much each month for cable? A typical Netflix account runs at about $10.99. Now, you're actually able to hook your Netflix account directly to video game platforms. This allows you to directly stream Netflix onto your TV without any need for DVDs or hook ups other than the platform. They offer so many different TV shows, all available when ever you'd like to watch them. There are also many different free streaming websites, however the legality of these websites is unknown. Typical consumers spend around $60 a month for cable. If you're one of those consumers, you should really ask yourself if its worth it.

2. Landlines are so 1999! Who really uses their landlines now a days anyways? They take up space in your house and you only answer if your caller id shows its someone worth while. Why not cut out your land line completely? Everyone uses cell phones and rarely calls from home. If it is imperative for you to have a phone at home then why not look into an Internet phone company? Skype, for instance, allows you to pay 20.00 for 6 months, and gives you a free phone number! You're also able to buy skype phones. If you're spend that monthly for a land-line that is never used, you should really consider the alternative.

3. The world of Internet shopping has quite a bit to offer. A lot of people are still skeptical on how to shop online. However, some of us, only do our shopping online. Online shopping makes using coupons easier then ever. Coupons online typically come in the form of codes. If you do a quick search on Google for the website you're shopping in and type in: " YOUR WEBSITE NAME" "coupon code" you're bound to find one. You're also capable of doing all of your shopping in your pajamas without looking like a train wreck in public. Ebay is a great tool when shopping online. A lot of people think of eBay as used goods being sold by others. However, there are many different eBay stores which sell items at discount. This is because the majority of them work with drop-ship companies and buy their goods directly from the supplier. Electronics are one of the very best things to shop online for. Don't even consider going to best buy, you're just wasting your money.

As previously stated, our economy is in a point of distress. If you're looking to save a few dollars but don't want to cut out the things you enjoy, then you should really consider some of the above mentioned options. If you want to be creative, collect the extra money you save each month and use it to buy yourself something nice! You'll be surprised with how much your bank account grows.


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    • elanes1 profile image

      elanes1 7 years ago from St. Thomas

      Great tips thanks

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Really great ideas girl. We were just on the phone talking about the same thing with my future mother n law. Thanks for the tip.

    • jobister profile image

      jobister 7 years ago from Anaheim, California

      I recently found out about pre-paid internet on 4G. It is pretty cool, just not available everywhere. Its called Rover, I love the ease of use and I only pay for what I need.