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Dallas Zoo Coupons

Updated on December 20, 2011

Dallas Zoo Coupons Information

Planning a family trip or outing to this popular zoo in Texas, and are looking discounts? Get printable coupons, promo coupon codes, special discount ticket offers and promotional pricing for your admission tickets and other activities within the park. Find some of the best sources for discounts online. Read on to learn information on how to save money which will make the day even more enjoyable for everyone.

Originally founded in 1888, the Dallas Zoo was founded to provided much needed support around wildlife conservation and education. It covers over 95 acres and has thousands of animals to be seen. They provide a refuge and environment for wildlife research of endangered species, conservation and zoological educational activities. Besides that, a trip here is also an entertaining time for all. The Zoological Society is always looking for new members and support from the community to extend their efforts. More information on their zoological mission is available at their official website at

Dallas Zoological Society
Membership Department
650 S. R.L. Thornton Freeway
Dallas, TX 75203-3013

Upon entering the park there a few key areas and attractions that include Entry Plaza, the Children's Zoo, the North section and Wilds of Africa. Make sure to enjoy and experience all of the key attractions and more. Regular admission prices are $12 for adults, $9 for seniors, $9 for children and free for kids age 2 and under. Their hours of operation are 9AM to 5PM each day.

Some of the exhibits include Penguin Cove, Monorail Adventure Ride, Nature Trail and the Chimpanzee Forest. Also the animals you may see include kangaroos, wallaby, cheetah, primates, flamingo, exotic birds, giraffe, elephant, tigers, iguana, tortoise and much more.

Zoo Discounts and Savings

Looking for different ways to lower your expense can sometimes pay off. Discount admission tickets to print, reduced prices and printable ticket offers are sometimes available from different sources. Members of the Dallas Zoological Society get free admission to the park. One place to check for admission ticket discounts is the coupon offer section at their official website at The local Chamber of Commerce may be able to provide local ticket discounts.

Promo codes and special offers are sometimes available from various online vendors. Special price discounts may occasionally be available from vendor websites such as and An example of the sources include:

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