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Lion Country Safari Coupons

Updated on January 9, 2011

Lion Country Safari Coupons

You say that you would like to take the family on an animal safari but you do not want to stay in the U.S.? Well you are in luck. The Lion Country Safari is located in Loxahatchee, Florida. There are more than 900 animals in this drive-through preserve. This page will help you find free printable coupons, discount coupon offers and promotional codes so that you can go on an adventure with the family and still save money. Putting a little extra cash back into your pocket will make everyone happy.

The Lion Country Safari adventure was founded in 1967 with the goal of simulating an actual African safari and have it be accessible to the masses, since going on an African animal adventure can be a costly trip for most people. This way, the drive-through adventure allows many more people to be able to experience the thrill of being close to animals in the wild. Of the more than 900 animals, some of the more popular are the lions, giraffe, chimpanzees, zebra and white rhino. Their official website is at

Lion Country Safari Coupon Information

In addition to the Lion Country Safari drive through animal preserve there is also Safari World, which is the walk through area of the park. There is something for everyone in the family. There is a restaurant and gift shop when you take a break from the wild animals. There is also a ferris wheel, a petting zoo, a water spray ground, boat rides, merry-go-round, birds and aviaries. The KOA campground provides accommodations for park visitors. Plus there are other attractions and things to do during your visit.

See the website at to download any current printable coupon ticket discounts that may be available.

Ticket and Admission Discounts

To save money and to get a discount coupon to reduce your admission tickets prices, see their official website where you can download a printable offer good for a savings of $8 off for each person in the vehicle. You can download the coupon at

Another way to save for those adventurers who would like to visit the park more than once, would be to consider getting an annual membership pass. You get unlimited visits for a year and 20% off of ticket admission for additional guests, 20% off discount at the restaurant and the gift shops. With the annual membership pass you also get free parking and a 10% discount off the KOA campground daily rates.

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