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Single Parent Homes

Updated on April 17, 2016

How do single parents survive with out financial help?

Currently there is a broken child support system. There is no national child support office. Guidelines and enforcement actions vary from state to state. A non paying parent can simply move to another state and nothing happens to him or her. It is too expensive to extradite someone for failing to pay their child support, and many probation offices do not even consider nonpayment of child support a probation violation. There needs to be tougher legislation on deadbeat dads and moms. There needs to be a central, federal enforcement office that monitors every state to help states be accountable to their vulnerable citizens.

Is it fair that kids live in poverty because their "other" parent was too selfish or too self centered to not only stick around to raise them or really give zero consideration in what manner they are being raised. The "single" parent has to leave them alone, why s/he works sometimes two or three jobs and try's to attend college classes so s/he can provide a better life for her greatest joy, her children.

Children go without

Children of single parent home’s sometimes go without, sometimes without proper clothing as it is too expensive to buy multiple children all the necessary winter clothing that is needed. Sometimes the water, gas and electricity is turned off, and s/he has to deal with the looks at the utility company while s/he explains how s/he need's the water to bathe her kids or herself before she attempts to work one or both of her jobs that day. Or pleads with the electricity/gas agency to keep the heat on because it is the dead of winter and they will not have enough blankets to keep warm.

When non custodial (parents who do not have primary custody, and commonly are ordered to pay child support) parents do not pay their child support they are stealing money from their children. Why should they have a life without worry or concern over these little people that they helped to create. Why is it that non custodial parents do not have to deal with all of the daily concerns of the custodial parent(parents who have primary custody and are typically the receivers of the child support)? What are the children going to eat, or wear, or what is the current temperature of the house? The absent parent does not have to see their faces, or especially their sad little eyes.

It is not the way it was suppose to be

Most single parents did not grow-up, dreaming of the day that they would be alone raising little people. This was not the way their life was suppose to be, and it is not fair, or just. Someone needs to find these dead beat people and make them accountable for their actions, and make them responsible for the lives that they created. It is difficult for people to understand how unimaginably problematic life is for someone alone with children. It is not just the day in and day out stuff that is hard, it is the way single people are treated in society, a wrong-doing they are silently judged of only because they are single. It is hard enough to do everything right in a two parent home, only imagine a home where you are outnumbered and there is no back-up coming home after work, or ever.

Think of the single people in your community, are they judged? Are they whispered about? There is not a lot of support for single parents. The legal system is difficult, they typically cannot afford legal advice, there is the welfare system where the state can help fund a portion of their food, possibly their day-care, medical insurance, and a small amount of financial assistance if the parent in the home cannot find work, but I ask you, shouldn’t states make the people that is actually responsible pay for their children?


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      Andralyn 3 years ago

      Yup, that'll do it. You have my apinceiatpor.