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Do It Yourself: Idaho Divorce, Custody, and Child Support Paperwork

Updated on April 17, 2016

An Attorney can be expensive, you can do it yourself.

The first thing you will want to do is go to the Idaho Self Help Website

If you live outside of Idaho, try doing a web search for the court in your county, they may also have a state self help website.

To use the interactive legal forms, select the type of form you are looking for from the list below: You will select Family Law

Interactive Forms that are user-friendly

These forms are interactive, once you select the packet that fits your situation you will next want to select: to begin click here

The next selection is: To start the interview click here

Select, click here. A box will appear, select proceed, and then check I agree, after you read terms of use.

Then select the correct packet that fits your situation. For example’s sake I am going to select custody complaint packet. You will select this packet if you were never married, and have children that you want to clarify the custody and visitation schedule, or create one. If another situation applies to you, select the corresponding packet. For example, If you are desiring to file a divorce complaint you have to choose between a divorce complaint with minor children and a divorce complaint without minor children.

Your needed pages will populate, the interview will begin, and you will begin answering questions that only you are best to answer, because the questions are all about you, the other parent, and the child(ren) in question.

Answer each of the questions, at the end of the interview you can open your custody or divorce documents, save them to your documents section on your computer if you choose, and then access the print function.

After you print either your child custody and/or child support documents or your divorce documents with minor children you can fax them to the court officer in your county to have them reviewed for completeness and accuracy.

Contact your court officer in your county to make sure the county does not have special rules for your specific county. In some counties you may need to make an appointment, and they will have specific days and times they are open for paperwork review.

You can also download a fee waiver application and turn that in with your custody/divorce paperwork to have the judge review, if approved you may not have to pay filing fees. After you receive the fee waiver ruling you will be free to file your divorce, custody, or child support documents.

The offices below can help in assisting you in reviewing your documents before you file them. Call the court that corresponds to the area you live in and where you will also be filing your complaints.

Office Phone Address

Ada (208) 287-6963 200

Bannock (208) 236-7067

Canyon (208) 454-7455 1115

Gooding (208) 934-4261

Latah (208) 882-8580

Twin Falls (208) 736-4137

Valley (208) 382-4150 219

Kootenai/Shoshone (208) 446-1179 p (208)446-1187 f Email:

Bonneville,Bingham, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison, Butte, Clark and Teton Counties (208) 589-9872 p (208) 524-7924 f (208) 589-9872 * cell phone E-Mail:

Children and Divorce (Representing Yourself in Court)


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      Divorce attorney Fremont 5 years ago

      I would leave my 1st comment since it really captured my focus. I'll visit back here often to check for fresh articles.