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Do You Want To Learn How To Make Money Blogging?

Updated on November 30, 2011

Do You Want To Learn How To Make Money Blogging?

This is the secret on how to make money blogging. You are probably one of those people that want the easy way out in life. You know the easy money without having to lift a finger. Well, if this is you, this article will be perfect for you. You probably heard that there is a lot of money in this thing people call, "Blogging." Well, they are right. You just have to know how to generate revenue from your pathetic blog...okay it might not be pathetic, but why are you here trying to find out how to make money blogging. Therefore, I am here to aid your problem. Read on.

Here are ways on how to make money blogging:

Note that these are only suggestions and if you decided to do any of these tips, you have decided with your own personal discretion, whether they screw up your life or not. You are warned.

  1. Paste advertisements all over your blog. If you have a lot of traffic at your site, why not hassle them with ads. You can have pop ups, pop unders and pop out of screen type of ads. These advertisements will pay you pennies after a few thousand people visit your blog. If you have have over 20 thousand people visiting your blog in a day you can make...2 cents. You can now quit your day job. I dare you to.
  2. Sell really useless crap to people. You see it all the time: "Buy this back massager that can cure cancer and end world starvation. Read more... it is only 25 easy payments of 99.99. You can pay with your Visa, Mastercard, or your first born." Then when you have given what they have asked for, you only get a box filled with foam. Why not do this on your blog? 5 easy payments of $99.99 can add up. Plus, there are tons of idiots in the world. You should really try this method...
  3. Hold a contest that will not reward people. So you have tons of people flowing to your blog. Catch there eye with a few words like "Free," "Contest," and "Win!" Then put up a form that collects the entry fee of $50. If you have loyal followers these fools will pay. But the thing is there is nothing they are winning. They will never know and you have succeeded a conning them you low life. Why? It was only a few hundred dollars. Where is your dignity?
  4. Tell people to donate money to you. If you have a loyal fan base for your blog, beg them for money. Send them letters and tell them you are broke as s***. If they love you enough they will turn you into a b-jillion-naire.
  5. Build up so much traffic to your blog and then sell it. If you have over a million viewers to your blog, you are a popular person. Sell the blog to someone that thinks they can capitalize on this traffic. You can be looking at over 7 digits in your bank account.

These were just a few ways on how to make money blogging. Blogging is fun, but not if you hate writing. Nevertheless, if you have setup a blog and try these ideas, but in a more legit fashion, you can see a hefty return. Good luck to you the blogging fool.

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