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How to Make Money as Student: A Guide

Updated on October 20, 2019
Uzochukwu Mike profile image

He is a writer on youths, challenges, engineering, computer and insurance. He is certified by Young African Leaders Initiative on Workforce.

How students can make money while still in schools. Both online and offline ideas.
How students can make money while still in schools. Both online and offline ideas. | Source

How can Students Make Money while in School?

There are number of ways through which students can make money and still be in the track to maintain good standards in their academics. Without money, there will be nothing like attending any school on this planet earth. No matter how intelligent a student is, if the parents or anybody at all do not sponsor him or her financially, there will be no how the person can see the four walls of the university or college.

Through this piece, I will teach you a number of ways through which students can make money through the internet or offline. If you are a student or none student, ensure to pass this message to the persons that need it so that it will help in solving students financial problems. I will not be happy to see a student dropout from the place he or she is studying, and that is one of the reasons that brought about this piece.

Ensure to follow me step by step as I will unleash to you how to make money legally as a student. These ideas are tested and trusted because I use most of them as student and have been earning for me. The truth is that some of these ideas keep yielding for you even you are not there, especially online writing. Make sure you get to me by dropping a comment of getting to me through Facebook for clarifications. I am ready to answer you any time you need my assistance.

If you want to get to me through Facebook, go to the top of this page you are reading right now or to my homepage on and you will see symbol of Facebook. Click on that symbol and send a Facebook friends request to me and I respond whenever I visit my account. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will be teaching you on how you as a student can make money.

Selling Products or Services in Your Hostel

That you are a student does not mean you cannot market any product or services that you think will yield money for you. The product that the student is to sell is that which is of higher demand in your institution. Many students have made it financial while they were still studying through this kind of business.

If the students in the school are those that demand recharge cards or sachet water most, you can device a means to get those who will be making supply of these products to you. Get the phone numbers of the businessmen that market these products and call them whenever you need their products so that you can sell to other students. Personally, I sold sachet water as a student before I entered into online writing that I have been into for about a year now.

You can get a small printer for printing services. So many students’ assignments are being printed on daily basis. Get the printer; create awareness in the hostel by pasting a notice at the front of the hostel you live in telling them about your printing work.

How students can make money in their schools, either universities or colleges, by acquiring skills.
How students can make money in their schools, either universities or colleges, by acquiring skills. | Source

Acquiring Lucrative Skills

There are many importance of skill acquisition. The problem of unemployment in many parts of the world today is because the citizens lack skills. Come to think of it, corruption is a product of skills lacking in many citizens of various societies.

What do you do as a student during long vacation given to you by the institution you are attending? Do not think that skill acquisition is made only for the technicians and not for students? I advice, that you use the holiday periods given to you by the institution to learn skills. Mind you that the problem of youth unemployment is due to inadequate skill acquisition that parades itself among the world’s youths.

I always preach about the value of skill acquisition in most of my written works because of the roles it plays in the life of every wise man. It is something that anyone who looks ahead for a brighter future cannot gamble with.

Go for any skill that you know that people will demand for when you are in school. Even your lecturers and other students can demand for it. I think I will make a suggestion when it comes to this. You can learn how to do plumbing or electrical works. Other important skills that pay are painting, web designing and tile works. You can learn any of these skills and make it known to students that you study with and other staff in your faculty. Tell them that you work on the weekends and they should call you whenever they need your service. Whenever they have that kind of work, you figure out time on weekend and attend to them and you get paid. Note that this should not be your priority but work whenever you are less busy.

Online Works

This is the area where I am currently into. Students all over the world who discovered this important idea on time have been ripping from the advantage offered by the world of internet. Students in United States, Canada, Germany, South Africa, India, Sweden, Spain, and those from other parts of the world have been benefiting from this. So, you can join in the boat to benefit from this as well. Making money online as a student is a broad topic, so I will break them into other sections for easy comprehension. The good side of this is that you that you do not have to work always and you can start your work at any time and end at any time as well. It is a work from home way of earning.

Before diving deep into this means of making money as a student, I will like to tell you that you need to exercise patience before you can make more money out of this means. With time you will make more cash.

How students can make money through online writing or blogging.
How students can make money through online writing or blogging. | Source


Blogging is the name given to online writing. It simply means writing on websites where you get paid or acquiring your own website where you share things that you know people will like to read.

Does blogging and owning websites to write involves payment? Anybody can blog without paying any money to acquire website of his or her own. An example is where this article you are reading right now is published. For a beginner it is advised that you start writing on a free site first.

I recommend this way of making money to students because this is easier when compared to others based on my experience. It does not require any computer skill before you start writing on the internet.

I will advice you as a student to signup on hubpages and start publishing on the site address they will give to you. This is a wonderful place to start as a beginner because it is a school where you can learn from the scratch. They integrated other sections on the site where you can learn more on how to publish. Hubpages pays you through people that advertise their products on your own site which is known as sub-domain, and also through affiliate marketers. I will advice that you start writing on the areas related to your field of study if you lack ideas on what to write on.


Fiverr is an online marketing platform for those who have services they can offer and get paid by their clients. The website address is name fiverr came from the word “five”. What it implies is that workers on the site are paid by five dollars for each demand from their clients. The services that can be offered on fiverr are book and video editing, writing, logo designing, game development, and many others.

There are a lot of students who have made lots of dollars through this website. The success on fiverr is dependent on the kind of services you can offer and those that demand for such services. So, to succeed here, you need to have good service skills that can pay.

Book Writing

This is another way through which students have and can make money from. You can think of publishing a book that you know people will be interest to buy and pay. After writing of the book, meet you lecturers, friends and relations, and tell them that you will be launching the books on a particular day. When you do this, it will help you maximize the profit that will come out at the end. So, make plans on how to start because I believe that every student can write. Nobody knows he can write until he starts writing. That was how I discovered I can write.

Yes, I can write a book but no money to publish the book? This is the question that people who want to write usually ask. The truth is that technology has made everything easy for man. This is one of the importances of Science and technology. When you do not have the money to publish your book, Amazon can help you do that free of charge. This is of two folds namely; Amazon Kindle publish and Create Space.

Amozon Kindle Publish is responsible for making your books in digital format while Amazon Create Space functions to help you make your book available in hardcopy format. The good part of this is that they make your book available worldwide. Personally, I have about four books published with Amazon.

Video Monetization

Students can make money by monetizing their videos or any video that they have access to. A student can teach people on how to do anything and upload it on Youtube for people to watch and he makes make money from it.

Youtube which is an establishment made by Google has made this possible. The amount of money any student can make is dependent on the number of people that watch the video. You can go to an occasion, maybe political gathering, take a video of the event that took place there and upload it on Youtube for people to watch and you get paid by advertisers that show their products through Google Adsense. Go to and read more on how to upload video and monetize them. Do not think that it is hard because it is as simple as ABC. Give it a try.


The joy of going to school is that you get what made you to enroll in the school at the end, and to keep you going, money is seriously involved. This article is on how to make money as a student. Note that these ideas are not the only ones available because there are others that are scattered all over the web.Making money online as student is a welcomed idea because it does not involve full-time engagement. It is not the kind of work that does not give freedom to the person involved. So, picking it up as a student will be of help. Above all, use these ideas with sense and do not get so much distracted from your study.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Uzochukwu Mike


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