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Earn Extra Money Tips

Updated on June 3, 2015

There has been an evolution in the family dynamic over the last twenty years that has changed the way a family operates, specifically how families generate money. Traditionally, only one parent or spouse worked and that was sufficient to support the family. Then a shift occurred and families needed two incomes, so both man and woman stepped outside the house to join the work force. Now all over the world, people are searching for ways to supplement their income, while keeping their regular full time positions.

These pioneers have turned to all sorts of creative ways to earning an extra dollar here and a dollar there, and some have implemented money-saving strategies, that have added up to some significant extra money. Some branch out into completely unknown areas, some just start making their money from a hobby, and others turn to the internet to earn extra money working at home. (If you think you might want to try working on the internet, I recently wrote an article about how to start an internet home business that you can check out.)

Sell Antiques

Buying and selling antiques is a hobby for some, and it is also an interesting way to make extra money on the Internet. The Internet provides a forum, a marketplace to sell things that might seem worthless to most. You may come across an object that may not have a lot of local appeal in an antique store, put it online on a site like Ebay, and all of a sudden millions of people from all over the world can find and bid on your antique. One man's trash, is another man's treasure!

A good example would be finding niche antiques to sell, like clocks or salt and pepper shakers. These both sell really well online and make decent profits. You can find clocks that were created in Europe in the 1800's for reasonable prices in different antique stores. There are lots of collectors who pay top dollar for rare turn of the century hand crafted clocks. The same goes for salt and pepper shakers. You might find a set for absolutely bottom dollar that someone has been searching for 1000 miles away, and that is willing to buy them for a higher price.

So visit an antique store, write down some items, then check Ebay and other online sites to see what is selling and for how much. You'll be turning a profit and earning extra money in no time.  I also found a great post that you can read about where to sell collectibles on the internet.

Sell On Ebay

Expanding on the antiques category, one of the best ways to earn extra money from home is to learn how to sell things on EBay. EBay is an online auction site where anyone can place items up for auction and prospective buyers can bid to buy them. With a little bit of work, starting an EBay business can be very rewarding and bring in a little extra money. The name of the game is buying low and selling high. You can also offer to sell items on EBay for your friends and family who might not have a computer or the time to manage an online auction, for a small fee or a percent of the final sale price.

Good places to find deals are out there and can be very profitable. If you don't have a big budget to get started, then start simple. Try garage sales first and look for things that are appealing or are really marked down in price. Sometimes you can find new items still in the box at a garage sale that have never been used. These types of items can be immediately put on EBay and flipped for a profit. Department stores and other mainstream stores are also good places to find deals. Just remember to ask this question, "Where is the clearance section?". Lots of stores have a clearance sections where items like clothes, and other odds and ends end up at extreme discounts. This is a great way to start selling on EBay, just remember that starting at the stores might cost a little more to get started. The good news is that you can market research first. Just like with antiques, write down some items from the stores or garage sales and go check to see how they are selling on EBay. Sometimes you can ask that an item be held at the store or at the garage sale and that can buy you some time to check. With all the new phones like the iPhone, you can even check EBay on the spot to get an idea of just how much you can make on a particular item.

How To Sell On Ebay Video

If you need a tutorial, or are unfamiliar with the process, here is a short video on how to buy and sell items on EBay. This is a great way to get started earning extra money online.  This video is a tutorial on how to set up an Ebay account and start selling. It is for Ebay Ireland, but the process is the same anywhere in the world.

Sell Gold

Have you ever heard of someone you know having a gold party? Maybe you are in dire straits, and selling gold is the only way to pay the bills. If you have some old gold jewelry that you never wear or just lying in a box under the bed, or you want to sell gold coins, you can sell your gold to make a little extra money. Some local jewelry stores in your area will usually offer to buy your gold. It is best to know what the current price per ounce of gold is before setting out to sell. Usually you don't get the full amount per ounce, but you will be surprised at how much you can get.

I want to discuss the gold party idea as a way to make extra money. There are countless websites that can teach you how to sell gold. A gold party is an event where friends and family bring their unwanted gold jewelry, and you buy it from them. You can then take this gold to your local gold exchange, or sell it on the Internet and turn a profit. There is always a market to sell your gold. Whether you are selling gold coins, or are just getting rid of ugly jewelry, there are lots of websites out there ready and willing to buy your gold.

How To Sell Gold

 The video below is on different ways to sell gold and make a profit.  Selling gold is a great way to raise cashflow and also to make solid extra money.

Start An Online Business

More and more when people are thinking of how to earn extra money, starting an online business is the avenue they choose. This can be a type of business that is completely run online, or a store of their own that happens to have a website. Starting an online business is not as difficult as you might think. There is a great internet based home business site with ideas and other links to get your wheels spinning. Several options include freelancing from home, word processing, and many other easy support business ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg to get up and running. Most online businesses don't cost a thing.

The most common type of online business created to earn extra money online is an online drop ship or affiliate website. This type of website allows you to place other companies products on your website and sell those products for a commission. There are lots of money-saving strategies and other options out there, it just takes a little digging.

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    • profile image

      Angel Coffey 

      6 years ago

      I have been earning extra cash online for about 3 years now. I absolutely love it! With all of the websites I earn from, I usually generate about $300 - $800 a month! You won't get rich, but you'll make some decent extra income. It's not hard work, I only spend a few hours a day working online... it's great for both employed and unemployed people.

      Check out my blog to learn about the websites I use to earn extra cash -

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have just identified your Hub and have found it to be very enlightening and it has in addition provided me a great number of fresh thoughts

      for my very own particular Hub and just how i can develop the information that i currently have on it.


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