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Everyone loves their life a lot. How much do you actually love yours?

Updated on February 21, 2016

‘Just a glimpse, and gone forever…’ This immortal line from a poem by RL Stevenson symbolises life like few others do. Instead of being a series of years strung together, life is actually a patchwork of key moments. When you look back on your life, you remember the important occasions and milestones, the most vivid emotions you experienced at different moments. Each person’s life is thus a precious repository of excellent moments past.

But at this stage in your life, you are no longer content to merely bask in the glory of your past. The future seems all too real, and it is composed of moments that will bring joy to your loved ones. Your school-going children will study abroad in the future. Your spouse will quit her job and take an early retirement. Your parents might wish to see the world and catch up on their hobbies.

Making all these dreams come true requires your involvement – and a lot of money. As committed as you are to creating the perfect future for your loved ones, the possibility that you might be absent from their lives haunts you from time to time. But instead of losing sleep over it, you might consider giving yourself and your family the best gift for the future: life insurance.

Stability through life insurance

A life insurance policy covers you and your loved ones in the event that you are absent from their lives. Despite your absence, your family can make all its cherished dreams come true. Life insurance plans with Bharti AXA Life provide future security with present-day investment from you – so that your loved ones may be adequately protected from financial upheaval in your absence.

You can look for the best life plan that suits your family’s future requirements and provides a high sum assured to meet all their needs, big or small. There are several life insurance companies in India offering excellent life insurance plans that provide a high sum assured basis the regular payment of premiums. Besides, you can choose additional benefits based on the plan you purchase, ranging from loss of income coverage to periodic payouts for your family.

Since life insurance (except term life insurance) comes with maturity benefits, you can also plan for important future milestones such as sending your child abroad for education or giving him a lavish wedding using your life insurance policy. On maturity of the policy, if you survive the plan tenure, you can utilise the policy corpus to pay for a major life event instead of dipping into your savings.

In the event that you have fulfilled all your familial obligations by the time your policy matures, you can simply use the plan money to have a good retirement with your spouse. And in the unfortunate event of your demise at this juncture, your spouse can live without seeking help from the children or other relatives.

Whether you are present in the future or not, a life insurance policy serves to eliminate the financial uncertainty brought on by the absence of the sole earning member. For a person who is committed to his family’s happiness, taking life insurance is the easiest and most enduring way to create a safety net for the future. After all, isn’t that what loving one’s life is really about – thinking about the future?


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