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Extreme Couponing

Updated on July 25, 2013


When we hear about coupons, what comes at the back our minds right away are sales, promos, and discounts. Well, primarily coupons are created to boost the sales and market a certain product. And speaking of which, extreme couponing on the other hand is a method of saving a great deal of money while cutting coupons. These coupons are issued by companies of shopper packaged goods or by vendors, to be used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions. It is very widely being distributed through mail, magazine spreads, newspapers and even online and thru mobile phones.

As a matter of fact, there is a reality TV show dedicated for this "Hobby" (as I quote it), that is entitled for the same. If you aren't familiar with it yet or don't have a clue, here's how you get started. First, you are required to collect coupons, of course collect only coupons that are useful and the ones that do not expire yet. Oftentimes, these are found mostly in newspapers and magazines. If you're technical savvy, then you can collect coupons through your online subscription of a product but that won't count.

First stop, we need to know first what are the important materials that we need to start with the extreme couponing. Since we are talking about extreme, first in line is you are in need of an enterprise that are doubling coupons. It is important to look for a store that are doubling their coupons; or else you will not get some savings you require to be capable of coping up with the savings done by the best of the extreme couponers (as what they call it). Next, inevitably, you are required to have loads of coupons, (the more the merrier of course). Third, you have to invest so you are able to save. It is okay, you'll get your money back if you are really damn serious about saving through extreme couponing. One way to invest is by subscribing to magazines, newspapers and to any other printable websites just to gain enough access to their offered coupons. Another thing to bear in mind is that, you must have ample amount of time. Piling your stocks, coupons and all that requires strategy and time management and since there will be a lot of stocks, you also need to have "space" for placing all of them. You also require steel nerves, seeing your bills increased because of the promo products you purchased can be a stressful situation. And if you can not handle the stresses that comes along with of seeing a bill that reaches very high levels, this extreme couponing may not be your thing, better choose a different strategy to save your money.

Now, for us to fully understand the setup, you must be eager and enthusiastic in storing items for rainy days. You don't buy products when you do not really need them. You purchase it once it's on bargain and then you stock up. That's the point. Theoretically, if you buy soap with a coupon, that could be good move. But, let's say you want buying soap with a coupon in a week when its buy 1 take 1 free, then you really want to save.

Here's the part that where maybe some of you aren't going to be glad about. If you are really serious in extreme couponing and you want to gain success, then you must have to sacrifice something especially when you are obsessed or devoted to one certain brand because you must let it go. I'm not taking against brand loyalty here because loyalty itself is a good trait. However I have to stress out that, in the event you go to a store and your favorite brand does not promote sales and discounts, whereas on the other side, here's the same product with the same features, got sales and coupons but not your favorite, Are you going to wait for ages for your favorite brand to go on sale or you'll take the bait and give in with the coupons on your not-so-favorite brand. Again, I'm not saying you will stop buying your favorite commercial milk or chocolates. If you are really loyal to the product and truly loved it - then by all means, go for it. Nonetheless, each and every other item has to then be presented to deals and coupons. The technique there will always be is right timing.

Here are more effective tips in extreme couponing. This can be a little bit hectic or tedious in your end, so extreme couponing may be dangerous maybe for anyone. First tip that I could offer is don't buy things just cause they are placed on sale. Second tip is, Always be alert of the timing of sales. Don't cut coupons out from the brochures when you take hold of them. Instead of having large pile of collected coupons that you must sort out, preserve these coupons in the pamphlets and punch a hole in each paper. Store all of them in a binder. This can allow you to easily flip through the coupons from cover to cover and you could also cut out the coupons when you want them. Next, removing pages that contain items you will never purchase- just necessary ones, if not the useful.

Another tip is to shop around town and within your city. Explore all the stores wherever your feet will take you, sky is the limit.

Here's one thing about extreme couponing - you can't put all your goods in one baggage. You must be able to check out a few stores if you really want to have great results. Every market has strategies that are used to magnet customers with their expectations that they will buy extra items. Don't get cheated into items with full prices just because you are happening to be strollling around stop-shop. Buy items that are being bargained, then done, go straight home.

All things will gradually be marked down. Timing is everything. You always have to be patient and you must work a little at getting organized. There is no use in wasting money - especially in the economy that we have today. Rule of the thumb in extreme couponing? Be always practical and you'll come out as a winner in saving BIG.

Extreme Couponing

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