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Financial Freedom

Updated on March 8, 2012

financial freedom

What does that mean to you? Is it money? Is it time, or maybe both. Most people I ran into describe it as “doing what I want without having to worry about the cost.” Whatever it is for you, I’d say write it down and go for it.

The reason I am talking about it is that I am sitting poolside in Ocean City, NJ at the present time. I have my partner, her daughter, and my two sons along for the trip. We traveled from Australia about a week ago and have two more weeks in the states. While typing this, we are both making money. We are doing what we want to do. Sitting by the pool. Leanne is happy to get a sun bake in. (sunbathing for the USA folks) I am happy to be with her and my children. The kids are having a blast in the pool after a nice day yesterday the beach and a night on the boardwalk.

All during these times, we still have money coming in the door. We do not stay at lavish hotels, and really, who needs to. Our costs are kept low and the only large cost is airfare. I ran into a lady at breakfast and I told her I flew from Australia to the states 6 times a year to see my kids. She said, “You really must love those kids!” Yes, I do and I love to keep my partner, Leanne, in warm climates. It is winter in Australia so we travel to warm places and enjoy summer all year long!

You see, most people who “sell” financial freedom always talk about fancy cars, big houses, and fine jewelry. Been there, done that! It took awhile, but I actually found out that life is much more than that. Enjoying time with my family and seeing the world is what it’s about for me.

What about you? It may very well be a fancy car or a big house. Explore what you really want out of life, but remember, it usually takes some kind of money. Do you have that in place? Do you want to? You can check out some of the links to books that are in this article or just give me an email at

I would be happy to assist you in your journey to financial freedom.


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