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Find Scholarships Online

Updated on December 18, 2013
Flickr Image: Paula Aquado
Flickr Image: Paula Aquado

College Scholarship

College is expensive, that's a given. If you can't afford college out of your own pocket, you have the options of a scholarship, grant, or loan.

Scholarships are great because your don't have to pay them back, so most students seek out various scholarships to apply for in hopes to pay for the majority of their tuition.

You can find scholarships per certain business, such as AFLAC and McDonalds. Community groups give scholarships, such as the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts. Private groups will, also, award scholarships.

Scholarships are everywhere, it's just a matter of finding them.

Where to Find Scholarships

As a high school senior, you can question your school counselor about college scholarships. Usually senior counselors have a growing list of available scholarships that students can apply for.

I know at my school the counselors had packets of scholarships that went unapplied for because student were not aware of them.

Think about it. If you and maybe a small handful of other students question the counselor about scholarships. That's only a small percent of applicants that are in the pool for the scholarship money.

There is so much scholarship money that is not awarded on a yearly basis. So, I would definitely suggest talking to your senior school counselor as well as your senior teachers about available scholarships.

Look For Scholarships Online

There are a number of free websites that you can join in order to actively hunt for college scholarships.

These websites post scholarships for both high school students and college students.

You can look for scholarships by subject, school, religion, gender, ethnicity, military background, and so much more.

If you just take the time and look for scholarships, you can find so many out there that you may never would have thought were truly out there and available for students.

Online Scholarship Websites

You may be interested in checking out the following websites to search for scholarships that you can apply for.

Find free college scholarships for graduate, undergraduate, and high school students. The scholarships are updated monthly, so if you can't find something to apply for one month, check back again for updates. This website offers tips on how to apply and win a college scholarship, as well as sample scholarship essays.

With this website you will be able to search through the scholarship search engine to find available college scholarships as well as other forms of financial aid. You can search college information, and find jobs and internships for college students.

This is a very thorough, free website that allows you to search for financial aid and scholarships. Find loans and military financial aid for college. You can even use the calculators to help figure your college tuition costs.

This website offers services for students in the United States as well as international students. Enter in your information and find free money to apply for your college tuition. With the information that you submit to the website, it generates a list of scholarships that pertain to your hobbies, interests, and personal background (ethnicity, military, etc.)

This website, has been my favorite as of yet. It's a no- fee search engine for college scholarships and financial aid. The website is updated frequently, so to offer students the most current scholarships available.


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