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Finding a Job online???

Updated on December 19, 2014

Over the past decade the internet has become a whirlpool of information, opportunities and just pure entertainment and fun. Everything you could possibly want could be found on the internet. It makes life a lot easier and sometimes feels like a cheat code . If I want a job I could go online and try searching for one. All I have to do to get my homework done is to re-write or copy or past something off some information website. If I want a book or movie I could find a legit site that offers them for free; nobody has to really buy anything anymore! Almost every videogame is available to me free of cost. And what about Youtube; free music galore! It sure sounds like a cheat code to me. It just feels like everything is given to you without life’s general toil and till.

But hold on, let’s back up a minute here. I agree that the internet has all these aspects about them but not everybody is always so lucky in attaining any of these so easily . The internet can also be quite deceptive and crude; a playground for scammers and masterminds who seek to benefit for themselves alone. What about the whiz kid who just wants to a have some giggles and thereby sets up a fake site that acts as viral breeding ground for dangerous malware and Trojans, (In one of my previous hub, I recall talking about how persons can be lured onto these sites because of their greed, you guys should give it a read). Your social identity is constantly under threat. Not even banks are truly safe anymore. With all this and more in mind, the internet should not still appear to be so roam-free, not unless you consider yourself somewhat pundit, and is capable of foreseeing possible dangers before hopping onto a site. I on the other hand would not count myself as an internet wizard, regardless of how much knowledge and experience I believe I have.

Look at the results of a simple search

Source: Dwight Phoenix Where is the actual job?????????????
Source: Dwight Phoenix Where is the actual job?????????????

What I want to focus on however is one of the more difficult subjects I listed above; and that’s getting a job online. Now there are lots of persons who have been able to achieve this milestone. But on the other hand there are millions who simply have and continue to fail; but why? I will admit that there are however good internet Samaritans like Hubpages that allows you the chance of earning your first dollar online. But what about wanting a full time job, one where you know that you are required to do some work and after that you’re sure to receive $x amount of dollars at the end of every month. From my experiences these jobs aren’t so easy to get, not like how internet advertisers make it seem. In this hub I’ll be discussing exactly that; how easy it is to get a job online? If anyone has had it easy getting that job on the internet that they desired, please feel free to share with a comment. I would love to learn.

Have you ever had a full time Job online?

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Some top websites for a career by forbs

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Career Attraction
Career Girl Network
Career Pivot
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Chameleon Resumes
You should check out some of these... One might be for you?

Factors I believe that affects people’s chances of getting a job online

Your Location:

Now this concept could be subdivided into two categories. Firstly, If you’re actually lucky to have found a job online then your location as a citizen somewhere in the world could be the next determining factor as to whether or not you actually get that job. What I mean for example is; suppose a young man from some unnamed town in Kazakhstan studying software engineering applies for a job with Google, while another young man from japan with the same credentials applies for the same position. Who do you think will be successful? I could be wrong, but I believe that the young man from japan would get that job.

Also another reason why I believe that your location could impact the likelihood of you getting that job, has to do with your countries ICT rankings (Information Communication and Technology). Going back to the example given above I believe that this same factor (ICT rankings) would help the young man from japan to get that job. Japan is well known for technological development so it is no doubt that the young man from Japan would have a better chance than the poor soul from Kazakhstan. If you link this concept with other advertised jobs you would see what I mean.


This concept could also fly two ways. It could mean that you’re inexperienced when it comes to your internet browsing capabilities and also it could mean that you’re just not too qualified for the job. So first of all you’d want to ensure that you know where and what to search for on the internet. Otherwise you could find yourself playing Pac Man instead of talking to an employer. I’ve seen it happened to my dad already (LOL). Also you have to ensure that you’re qualified for the job. But the sad part is sometimes some jobs don’t advertise the credentials that they’re looking for. But again some of those are also fake.

Being connected:

What I also find is that some persons who are actually lucky to find a job online, were not really successful because they worked hard for it (Although congrats to those who worked hard and got that job they wanted), but it was because they were either connected to the employer in some way or they knew a friend who knew a friend who works there. How unfortunate for the industrious man. But that’s the way the world works most times.

The internet ‘Crazy’:

This other concept is very true and I believe that I already made mention of some of it in the first quarter of my article. The internet is just crammed with too much unnecessary and cynical craftsmanship. And amidst all the crazy you’re bound to get lost one or two times. You don’t really know what’s real from what’s not. This is enough to discourage any one from searching for a job online.

You don't want to be like this guy.......


I hope I didn’t discourage anyone from searching for a job. My aim was merely to voice how difficult I believed it was for some persons. Hopefully someone will read this and share their job finding secret with me. However for now I’m just going to stick with hubpages and see what happens from there.

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    • Dwight Phoenix profile image

      Dwight Phoenix 3 years ago from Jamaica

      Hi peachpurple thanks for stopping by.....You are so right.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      it is not easy to find the right job online

    • Dwight Phoenix profile image

      Dwight Phoenix 3 years ago from Jamaica

      Wow! thank you lyndapringle. Those are some top quality comments you made above. thanks for sharing your tales i enjoyed them. You certainly seem to have some knowledge about online work.

      Sorry it took me so long to respond...I was busy with Christmas stuff.

    • lyndapringle profile image

      Lynda Pringle 3 years ago from Austin, Texas

      I appreciate your warning readers about potential internet "work at home" scams. I almost fell for a couple myself. But the saying, "there's no such thing as a free lunch" is true. For me, the only reliable method of finding work has been to polish my resume, register at several genuine job sites such as or at one's local workforce commissions which usually have a good number of job listings. If you want to improve your chances, take resume writing and interview courses at your local workforce commission. I have only seen two instances in which working at home worked and it required money up front.

      I have some friends who work at an operation called Live Ops where they sell Infomercial items which people want to purchase from television viewings. However, they've had to invest in a fairly sophisticated computer system to allow them to do this line of work. It was lucrative enough for these friends where there were earning several hundred dollars a month once they gained sales experience.

      Another friend of mine decided to start self-publishing romantic soft-porn books under a pseudonym and he became quite successful at it!! He had to pay for his own publishing and marketing but, once he developed a loyal audience, the books paid for themselves and even some!

      However, in these instances, money still had to be put up front and keep in mind that Live Ops is a reputable organization. It is not a fly by night company frequently advertised on the internet. Also, the friend who started with self-marketing his books continued to work at his Live Ops job until his book business boomed.

      So, yes, it is possible to be successful at on line work but the organization must have a proven record of success and that requires a lot of research. I still think that the most reliable way of finding gainful employment is the old fashioned way of sending in resumes to companies in which you are interested.