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Five easy ways to save lots of money

Updated on April 18, 2013

These really are "easy"

These things are all typical things that you can improve on in real life. Just by spending an extra 10 or less minutes a day you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars. Things as simple as brushing your teeth and washing your hands. I probably save close to 500 dollars a year opposed to someone who doesn't brush their teeth and get a cavity. It's worth it to buy my electric toothbrush if it'll keep my teeth clean for 25-50 dollars a year. Accustomed to paying a lot of money for a cavity. These, as i've said, are all simple methods that everyone can do.

Without further ado, the article.

Wash your hands

This is very important. Washing your hands regularly can prevent you from getting sick and having to take days off from your job. Wash your hands after going to meetings, eating,using the restroom, and using other people's things (computers, books, etc). Also keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your vehicle. In case you stop somewhere and you see people coughing, sneezing, etc, after you are done with what you are doing you can clean your hands with the sanitizer.

Brush your teeth

Very simple. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss every night before bed. A cavity can cost from 200-1000 dollars depending upon how bad it is. I love my electronic toothbrush, it has probably saved me more than once. Now I can't live without it.

Brush your teeth after breakfast, and before bed.

Floss before bed.

These 3 simple steps can potentially save you lots of money. Also try to keep a healthy diet. Try to limit yourself to less than 50 grams of sugar a day. If you like soft drinks, try to limit yourself on them. They can be enjoyed in moderation, but not an every day thing. By not drinking a soft drink every day, or twice a day, you can save lots of money. Drink water instead.

Don't break the law

Breaking the law can give you a big fine. Don't do what doesn't seem right. Things like speeding or operating a vehicle while intoxicated can give you a huge fine or wreck your car. Don't do things like this, it's not worth it. Just because you are mad at your neighbor doesn't mean you have to hurt him. This could land you in jail and give you a fine.

Getting things on sale

Don't be afraid to spend the extra 200 dollars to get something you'll need later that will cost 300. If you really want a new Television, don't just buy one, scan the local flyers and check if there are any good deals on one you want. If not, try holding off for a week or two, while still scanning the flyers, eventually you'll find a good deal and save yourself a good share of money. Same thing applies with everything. Holding off on something you want for a couple weeks can save you a lot of money.

Hold annual rummage sales.

Holding a annual rummage sale in your garage, or front yard, can help you get rid of all that cluttered junk you don't want anymore, while earning you a couple dollars. If you can sell that old television that you don't use anymore for 100 dollars, you are making 100 dollars to add to whatever you need now (groceries, bills, etc). If you make 300 dollars over a weekend, that's very good. You make space for new things, and you get 300 dollars to use on whatever you may need now.

What did you think?

What did you think of this article? Please let me know in the comments below. I get happy when I see that someone comments on an article, so feel free to let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for reading!


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    • moorebored profile image

      moorebored 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      You're welcome.

    • Dubsessedbaybay profile image

      Dubsessedbaybay 7 years ago from Milwaukie, OR

      its funny because you never think of the little things like this that really do make a huge difference. Thanks for pointing them out to me!!! :D