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Grants for Non Profit Organizations, Business and Education

Updated on June 26, 2010

Federal Government Grants

Did you know that the US government gives away millions of dollars a year to individuals for all sorts of needs?

I'm not talking about loans or credit, these are government and federal grants, which do not have to be repaid, hence the term, free money.

But be warned, there are no tricks or magic formulas to guarantee you'll be successful in your grant application. It takes knowledge, preparation and research. First you need to know about the different types of grants.

There are many categories including private grants, non-profit and sponsorship grants, but the vast majority of awarded funds is federal grant money.

Federal Grants
Federal Grants

Federal And State Grants

Federal grants

These are also known as direct grants. This is because you apply directly to the federal government for money. To apply for a direct grant you can apply directly without involving middlemen.

It is best to apply online as this is the most efficient way to keep track of all the correspondence.Direct grants from the federal government are more competitive as you are up against all 50 states and US colonies. If you live in an area of high unemployment or deprivation, you could be in a designated federal empowerment zone which gives you an edge against other applicants.

State Grants

These are also known as pass-through grants as the state applies for funds to the federal government and then shares it out amongst the applicants. State grants tend to be smaller the federal grants, but you will also have less competition.

Free Money For Everyone?

Government grants are given out each year to help people in many areas including business, education, health, home improvements, personal issues, even for groceries! Grants are available for individuals and groups. Maybe you need funds to go to college. Perhaps your business would like to expand, or maybe you or someone you know is experiencing financial hardship or serious illness.

As long as you fit the criteria in your grant application you can apply for a free handout.There are many types of grants are available, irrespective of your age, race or income. Even George Bush and Donald Trump receive free federal grant money!

What's most surprising is that the majority of this money goes unclaimed. There are millions of US citizens who are eligible for free federal grant money but most people are completely unaware of their eligibility for a grant.

If you want to apply for a grant, make sure you do your homework, write a top-notch application and you've got the best chance of getting some of that free federal grant money.

What To Do Next


The most important thing is to do your homework. You need to tailor your application to the needs of the grant-writer. Grants are allocated to the most suitable applicant so you need to be prepared to write a top-notch application. If you're applying for a direct grant, you'll have a case-worker to help you through the process. 


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