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Free Taxes Filing Online

Updated on March 8, 2011

Free Taxes Filing Online

Did you know that you can submit your income taxes filing free online with free tax filing software that is available online. It is true that paperless filing of income tax forms can be electronically filed known as e-file to the IRS via the internet using your home or business computer.

One free tax filing program that I have personally used for the last several years is free tax preparation software.

With you can prepare, print and e-file your yearly federal income taxes for free. Electronically file or e-file your Federal and State income taxes securely to the IRS after properly entering the information in the step by step process that the online software guides the preparer through.

This free tax filing software is one of the easiest ways to file taxes online and it is why I will be using it again this year and have used in the past.

Each year I log back into Taxact with the saved username and password that I created the very first year I signed up. Information that was entered such as address and employment information is saved or can be edited if information or filing status has changed.

The software walks through each and every entry, step by step with helpful tips or useful help instructions to enter income information.

Once all the information is entered final checks to the information is processed to help insure no information was accidentally skipped. Printed copies of the tax forms should also be printed to review all the entries before the final e-file is submitted.

Once the e-file is submitted it will go for review before being sent to the IRS for acceptance. If any red flags are present the e-file will not be sent until possible red flag entries have been adjusted. If the forms are complete then a confirmation e-mail will be sent when the IRS excepts the newly filed income tax forms.

Payments or Refunds

If a over payment refund is due then it can be sent directly to your bank checking account or choose the option to have a check sent to the address provided.

If payment is due to the IRS for under payment than this also can be submitted using payment options.

State Returns

Although Federal income tax e-filing is free if your state requires income tax filing then a charge may apply to individual states to complete the e-file of state returns. If you choose you may file this tax return via paper return but is not advised by Taxact and the IRS.

Future e-file

Times have changed and soon the IRS will only except e-file as forms of filing tax income tax returns. So the time is now to start learning the process of filing taxes online with a free tax return filing software program that can be submitted online for free.


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