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How To Save Money By Home Maintenance

Updated on September 3, 2012


Want to avoid costly home repairs?

While regular home maintenance won't always guarantee that you'll have a future of no home repairs to budget for, studies show that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There are some super easy home maintenance things that you can do that over the lifetime of owning your home that can and will save you big bucks.

Let's take a look at some of them and how easy (and cheap) some of them are!



Changing your furnace air filter should be done at least every 3 months. Why?


Because it helps your furnace run more efficiently which spells fewer high cost repairs down the road.

TIP: Mark your filter with the date on it when you change it so you won't have any doubt as to when the last change was!



A little pesky water drip can add up to higher water bills over time and the same with leaks.

Leaks and drips can also lead to severe water damage if let go too long or they are in a spot where they can cause structural damage, like an upstairs bathroom.

We had this happen to us while we were on vacation and one little leak turned into over $10,000 worth of damage.

Check your plumbing regularly and this won't happen to you!



Put dimmers on switches that you use most frequently but don't always need maximum light. Or just put them on lights that don't need super bright illumination.

Remember to clean your light bulbs from time to time to get more out of them in terms of longevity and also light.

Also switch out your bulbs while you're at it to compact fluorescent ones. These also can have a dimmer on them!

You'll save money on the electric bill and also on your bulbs.



Walls are great for having insulation already in them but think of the money you're letting out the top of your house.

Find out about insulating your attic, your basement and your garage and you'll save big when it comes to energy costs.

Have an energy assessment or go to and see if your energy improvements can earn you a tax credit which is a dollar for dollar right off the top tax break! Meaning if the credit is a $100 tax credit, you get $100 tax credit off....whereas a tax deduction can be $100 in amount but you only get a $10 deduction.

Also be sure and use weather stripping to keep out drafts and save on energy. 

Watch the video below for more tips on insulating your attic.



Having a programmable thermostat can also save you big bucks.  Time it to cool no lower than 75 degrees in summer at times only when you need to have it on (like when people are home or in the heat of the day).

Set it to heat no more than 68 degrees in winter and  less at night and way less when no one's home! 

Remember to change your filter and keep ducting clean and maintenanced.



No matter what you have in your home, over time, if you keep things like windows, floors, cabinetry, walls and railings clean and well taken care of, you're going to avoid the cost of repairing or worse yet, replacing them. 

Keeping up on wood floors or tile floors is a snap.

Taking care of carpeting is easy too.  You can even save money in the long run by shampooing carpeting or resurfacing your own wood floors. 



It's important just like checking your plumbing to check for any breaks in caulking around tubs, sinks, etc.

It's just as important to check the grout in any tiled surfaces that you have.

Not only is mildew a problem to get rid of over time but improperly grouted or broken grouted surfaces can destroy a shower or countertop, even warp the surface.

Have a look at the video below on how to clean grout and tile.



Just like keeping your windows clean, all these things need to be maintenanced too.

Sometimes you can get away with just scrubbing decks, garage floors, or siding. And sometimes you have to call in the big guns like power washers or deck scrubbing agents but it's worth it.

It'll keep your house in tiptop condition and it'll also ward off mold and mildew in many wet climates.

Applying a sealer to your deck or even your driveway and garage surfaces will keep them clean longer and make them easier to maintain.



Check your ducts and vents at least once a year and clean them with a passion.

This helps purify the air you breathe and also keeps your heater or air conditioner running smoother.

While you're about it, clean ceiling fans and even standing fans as they get caked with dust.

You blow that impurity around your house every time you turn them on.

Be sure and watch the video below for tips on purifying the air by keeping air ducts clean.

public domain photo
public domain photo | Source


Make sure your home is not being invaded by too many pests - like spiders, gnats, roaches, bees and wasps.

Try and catch these menaces before they claim your home but be careful if you do the exterminating yourself. Pets should not come into contact with any sprays, bombs, etc. for hours. Check the labels and make sure they are completely away from any areas that are being treated for the recommended amount of time.

We have a problem with wasps and battle them every summer. We take down the nests but occasionally, we have to invest in long range sprays. After spraying for 30 nests that were left, we had to wash down all the surfaces in our backyard before we could let the dogs back out.

If you have a serious problem with anything like termites, contact a professional.


In short, there are many things you can do to maintenance your home that don't cost an arm and a leg but if not taken care of, can cause damage and big bills later on. 

TIP:  Make a schedule yearly of when to check things and it'll be easier to keep up on it.  Again, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. 

Invest in a home repair manual or go on-line and check out recommended procedures too. 

You'll find there are a million and one things you can do yourself to keep your home up to snuff and running like a top!

If you have more suggestions or ideas on home maintenance, please share them with all of us so we can add them to our repertoire for caring for our home!


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