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Yard Sale Planning Tips

Updated on March 11, 2017

Items at Garage Sale

Table of Garage Sale Items
Table of Garage Sale Items | Source

Dreaming Of a Special Vacation

There you are, sitting in your back yard or on your porch or deck, just wishing you had the money to take that cruise to the Bahamas and feeling a bit sorry for yourself. You have been working hard, and wouldn't it be great to just sit back and relax on a beach somewhere? Money is tight and it has been a while since you had anything close to a vacation. With your budget, though, you don't think there is any way you can afford to go anywhere, so you have accepted that the closest you will get to the beach is the kids sandbox and their kiddie pool.

But, what if you could somehow make some extra money? Maybe not enough to go on the dream cruise but enough to get away on a small vacation at least. Planning, organizing and having a successful yard sale can possibly make you the extra money you would need to get away on a small vacation. A friend of mine made enough money from having a profitable yard sale to go on a very nice vacation this past summer.

How about cleaning out all the unwanted and used items that are scattered throughout your house? Maybe it is time to clean out the garage so you can park the car in there. Your attic may be filled with treasures that someone else might pay to take home with them. And your closets, if like mine, are overflowing to the point that it is hard to shut the door. The worst that can happen is that you will be get your house cleared out of things you no longer want or use. At the end of your sale, you can then take unsold items, load them up and donate them to the nearest charity.

So why not plan a garage or yard sale and make yourself some extra cash?

Getting Ready For Your Sale

After you are done with the planning it is time to get your wares that you are going to sale organized and ready to sale.

  1. Go through your closets. Gather all clothing that you don't want and any other unwanted but good, clean useable items. Remember to check all pockets. I once bought a coat at a thrift store and found $20 in the pocket
  2. Clean out other areas such as the attic and the garage
  3. Make sure all items are clean and in good working condition unless you are selling items "AS IS" Make sure you mark those items and state there is no return.
  4. Price all your items clearly, either with signs or stickers on each item
  5. Run your newspaper ads and other advertising to let people know when and where your sale is. Also list in your ad what some of your best items are. A friend of mine advertised guns, hunting supplies and had a huge turnout.
  6. Put out flyers with excat time location and directions in stores and other public businesses. Make sure you ask their permission to post your flyers
  7. Make large signs ready to be put out the morning of your sale. If possible add balloons or streamers to the signs to draw attention. You will want to be certain that you are allowed to place signs in certain areas. Nice heary cardboard signs with arrows pointing to your sale can help draw in people who may just be driving by, see your sign and decide to check out your sale
  8. If you are a Facebook user, advertise your sale on Facebook and see if there is a classified section in your area to advertise on. Have your friends and family share your posts
  9. Something very important is to make sure you have enough of change on hand, It is very easy to run out of change if several people hand you twenty dollar bills. It is important to keep your change handy but out of sight. A great idea for this is to wear an apron with pockets. Then if you are really having a great sale, you may want to take some of the bigger bills inside. I like to start off with at least $100 in small bills and quarters.

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Planning Your Yard Sale

The first thing you want to do is plan your yard sale by making some decisions.

  1. Where will you hold your sale? Do you have a garage, basement, covered porch or will you have it in your yard
  2. When will you have your sale? Does your community have a day when the entire community sets up yard sales? Days like this bring in lots of people. How about over a holiday weekend when people have off work?
  3. Do you have friends that would like to bring items and help out?
  4. Check the weather as far in advance as possible and plan for a rain date if necessary
  5. Think about other things you can offer such as baked goods or drinks
  6. Make plans for signs and advertising
  7. Make sure you have tables and places to hang clothing items
  8. Possibly have iced drinks in a cooler to sell for those thirsty customers who are going yard sale shopping all day. Offer drinks your family likes so they can use any that don't sale.

Garage Sale Day

Now that you have everything organized and ready to go, it will be time to rise early and get everything set up, You are now ready to start hearing the cash register ding.

  1. Set up tables if you didn't do that the night before
  2. Make sure you have been to the bank and have a good amount of change available in all denominations
  3. Arrange items neatly on the tables so people can view them easily
  4. Hang clothes and whatever else may need hung up
  5. Make sure to have plastic bags on hand to bag items for your customers
  6. Set up a small table for taking money
  7. Set up some comfortable chairs near the small table, in the shade unless you are the type that enjoys being in the sun. For myself, I want to spend the day in the shade
  8. Take In Money and Make Change
  9. Have fun and enjoy the social atmosphere, get to know your neighbors and make new friends
  10. Start planning your vacation at the end of the day

It may not be a vacation that you are wanting to use the extra money for. It may be new furniture, a big screen television or something else you want. But whatever it is, having a great sale will help you reach your goal quicker. Enjoy whatever it is that your extra cash buys you.

Tips For A Successful Profitable Garage Sale

Clothes Hanging On Porch For Sale

Clothes hanging on the porch for sale. Big wraparound porch was perfect for selling unwanted items.
Clothes hanging on the porch for sale. Big wraparound porch was perfect for selling unwanted items. | Source

Dishes And Other Sale Items

Display of dishes and other popular items placed on table for sale.
Display of dishes and other popular items placed on table for sale. | Source


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