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Glorgeous Ways to Make and Save Money Making Homemade Products

Updated on August 7, 2021

Gift Ideas: Ways To Make Money and Ways To Save Money During The Holidays

Christmas is near and so many are already doing their shopping to avoid the rush which more often than not can be very stressful and when we are in a hurry we tend to spend more than when we are taking our time shopping. Don't be a last minute shopper. Part of the excitement of holiday shopping is finding the perfect gift for the people who are very dear to us. As much as possible we want their Christmas gifts to be memorable, special and unique.So plan in advance so you'll have more time to pick thoughtful presents. Avoid too cheap, too expensive and too personal gift items.

Memorable, special and unique Christmas gifts need not be expensive nor low in quality this holiday season especially that we are still facing an economic downturn. We can be frugal in our gift giving this holiday season. We all have creative minds and with some imagination, we can all think of intelligent ways, distinctive, handmade and homemade, valuable and unique gifts to give that the receiver can very much appreciate without emptying our pockets and depleting our bank accounts.

We can put into good use our creativity and imagination by making do it yourself crafts, handmade crafts, homemade gifts and giveaways this Christmas season. Our loved ones will not only thanks us but will very much appreciate our efforts because of the personal touch and the loving thought we put to our gifts which can't be said of ready to buy items in malls and department stores. Here are a list of gift ideas that are very easy and very affordable to make. If you are the entrepreneurial type, these are ways to make money. You can make some extra cash and offer it to your friends, office mates, classmates or neighbors for additional income. If you just want to cut your expenses, these are ways to save money this holiday season.

Gift Idea #1: Homemade Chocolates and Desserts.


Chocolate candies

Customized cakes and cupcakes

Chocolates, cakes and cupcakes makes an ideal gift for Christmas because everybody loves chocolates, cakes and cupcakes. Besides, we will be helping them save some money because they don't have to buy it themselves. You already provided it for them. And because everybody loves chocolate and desserts, so it is a very viable business to earn some extra bucks.

Homemade Chocolate Candies and Desserts

Click thumbnail to view full-size
 customized homemade cup cakessugar free homemade chocolate candiesassorted sugar-free homemade chocolatescustomized homemade chocolate covered pulvoronswhite chocolate lollipopsred chocolate lollipops
 customized homemade cup cakes
customized homemade cup cakes
sugar free homemade chocolate candies
sugar free homemade chocolate candies
assorted sugar-free homemade chocolates
assorted sugar-free homemade chocolates | Source
customized homemade chocolate covered pulvorons
customized homemade chocolate covered pulvorons
white chocolate lollipops
white chocolate lollipops
red chocolate lollipops
red chocolate lollipops

Gift Idea #2: Homemade Personal Care Products


Homemade Natural Shampoo

Homemade Herbal Soaps

Homemade Massage Oils

Homemade Lotions and Body Scrubs

Homemade Perfumes and Colognes

Why spend big bucks on commercial shampoos, expensive specialty soaps, massage oils, lotions and body scrubs, perfumes and colognes, when you can make your own brand from natural ingredients where some can be found in your own kitchen. You do not have to be a chemistry wizard to make the perfect formula. Most of the ingredients and materials are easy to find and you can really save a lot of money than when you buy commercial ones. These products are not only excellent for gifts and give aways, you can also make extra cash by selling it to salons, hotels, gift shops, bed and bath retailers. They are not only easy to make but the profit margin can be high too.

You will not only be happy for being frugal, imaginative and creative, but you can also launch a career in sales with your own brand of all natural homemade personal care products.

Gift Idea #3: Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are easy to assemble and are suitable for people who cannot decide on a particular gift item and so prefer to give away an assortment of gifts. If you are creative enough, your gift will look stunning.

How To Make A Gift Basket: Materials Needed:

  • empty basket
  • 2-3 yards of wired ribbon for bow or a ready-made bow
  • a pair of scissor
  • glue gun
  • glue stick
  • decorative flowers and trimmings
  • ribbons to wrap the basket handle
  • Gift items to be place inside the basket

How To Make A Gift Basket: Step-by-step Guide

1. First decide what will be the theme of your basket, your decoration must revolve around the theme depending on the occasion.

2. Place the tallest items at the back to form a wall, then place the medium-sized items in front to lean against the tallest items, place the smallest items and fit along the front rim and some on top of the bigger ones.

3. Wrap a colorful ribbon around the handle of the basket.

4. Fill the spaces of the basket with decorative flowers and other trimmings.

5. Make a bow using the same ribbon that you used to wrap around the handle of the basket. Trim off the excess and glue the bow to the front of the basket or on both ends of the basket handle on both sides.

Selling it? You can target corporate clients and earn by volume.The price of your basket will depend on the gift it contains. Add your production cost and put a 20% mark-up on the final price.

How To Make A Gift Basket Video Tutorial

Gift Idea #4: Do It Yourself Aromatherapy and Decorative Candles

Candles are not only easy to make in your own kitchen that involves mixing, adding a variety of scents and molding into beautiful and decorative shapes. Candles are perfect as home accessory-they not only look elegant, they also create a cozy atmosphere and are useful in brightening any room so they are always an ideal gift for any occasion.

Gift Idea # 5. D-I-Y Hot Cocoa Blends Recipes

This is a drink the entire family can enjoy. Add some sparkle to your cocoa creations gift by making creative, personalized containers and wraps.

Yield of each recipe: 2 cups

Do It Yourself Cocoa Blend Recipes:

Choco-Mocha Blend: Combine ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder, ½ cup powdered milk, 1 cup confectioner's sugar and 5 tablespoons coffee powder in a mixing bowl. Blend well.

Choco-Vanilla Blend: Combine ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder, ¾ cup powdered milk, 1¼ cups confectioner's sugar and ½ cup vanilla powder in a mixing bowl. Blend well.

Choco-Cinnamon Blend: Combine ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder, ½ cup powdered milk, 1 cup confectioner's sugar and 2 tablespoons cinnamon in a mixing bowl. Blend well.

Serving Suggestions:

Add 5 to 6 tablespoons of the preferred cocoa blend for every cup of hot milk or water. Serve with flavored stirrers like a peppermint stick, cinnamon stick or a rock sugar stick or top with mini marshmallows or grated chocolate.

Packaging Ideas

  • Place the cocoa blends in clear plastic ice or sugar wrapper or cellophane and tie with colorful ribbons. Place inside individual mugs with or without cover, inside whimsical paper cups, inside an elegant tempered glassware or on any container that serves a dual purpose that will be appreciated beyond the time that the cocoa blend has run out.
  • Label your gift with a do-it-yourself gift tag.
  • You may opt to add the recipient's name on the container.
  • Choose a final wrap that will let the gift seen from the outside but still protecting the the food inside. You can use cellophane and plastic wrap or use a uniquely-shaped plastic boxes.
  • Fill up the container with tassles or with shredded colored paper to suit the color theme you have in mind. You can make use of metallic hues to liven up your gift.
  • Tie your gift with an atypical knot by using beaded ropes, scarves or cloth strips.
  • You may opt to print out the recipe on a piece of colored paper that will match with your theme or on small index card and cut into decorative shape and use the same as your gift tag.
  • Don't forget to wrap with your gift the stirrers, the mini marshmallows and the extra chocolate to be used in serving your special chocolate blend creations.

I'm one hundred percent sure that the person to whom you'll give the gift will greatly appreciate your gift and will always remember you every time they prepare a cup of hot chocolate. :)

Don't forget to give the gift on time.:)


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