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Guide to Making a Living Without a Job

Updated on August 31, 2011

In this day and age, many people are getting laid off from their jobs and are unable to find a new job to pay their bills and help them get by. This has proven to be a great time to try and make a living without a job. In order to make your living without a job, you must work for yourself and find some different ways to potentially make money. Owning your own business or finding different ways to generate income can be tricky at first, but hopefully this guide will help to spark some ideas.

First things First

The first thing you are going to want to do before starting up a new business or going to find income through outside sources is to get proper licensing for a business or to file all of the legal documents. You should also look into the tax reliefs that small business owners are eligable to recieve because you can write off a lot of your daily or monthly expenses for use of your business. This can save you a lot of money on your taxes every year, and those extra savings are like an additional source of income. Once you have all the legal requirements fufilled, you may want to open a seperate business bank account for yourself, and once that is all done it is time to begin your business ideas!

Creating Multiple Profit Centers

Well one way that makes it easier to make a living without a job is to create multiple profit centers. What this means is that instead of putting all your eggs in one basket by opening a business or going about one venture, this strategy suggests starting up a few smaller businesses or exploring a few different options of making money so that if one of them fails, you are not crippled but instead can just focus more heavily on the other profit centers you have started. The only thing you must be careful of is that you explore each of these profit centers properly and do not just scatter your attention too much and don't devote the required time and energy into each. As long as you can properly manage your time and give each new venture a good amount of dedication, this strategy will help to drastically reduce the failure rate of your businesses.

How to Market your Profit Centers

Well most of you out there will not have a large supply of money to use for advertising your business. The fact is you will likely have to be creative about your marketing strategies. If you would like a few different strategies to market your business for free, please click the following link:

Ideas of Potential Profit Centers

Well if you are stuck for ideas on what you could do for some potential business, here is a list of some of the things that you could use to spark your thinking:

Service Businesses are great because they require very little startup cost and have great potential to make you money. Another added benefit is that you can start your business, try and gain customers, but you don't have to dedicate all of your time to it. You can start out by doing it on the side and as demand increases if you are successful, you can start to commit more and more of your time to it.

Writing a Blog or articles online can be a great way to make some extra money. If you allow advertisers to post their links on your blog, you gain money as people click on the links. The challenge is getting pepole to come to your blog or website, but once you do get a steady base of people coming, this will require very little time and the profits will keep coming even after you have finished. The joys of residual income!

Writing a Newspaper Article or Magazine article is also a way to generate some income, and if you plan the article properly, sometimes you can even sell the same piece of writing to multiple publishers in different industries. This can be hard to get your ideas noticed, but once you do it can be a great little cash booster for little effort.

Seasonal bussinesses are also a great way to make a great deal of money without much startup cost. If the place you live in has a yearly festival or if there are some nearby, perhaps you could find a way to make a business geared towards that during the time when they are in town. Otherwise, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and Easter can provide great opportunities for people with a large imagination. These types of business can have great profits in short periods of time, and do not require a whole lot of commitment of your time due to the fact that each of these might only last a month.


Well hopefully this guide has given you some idea of a way that you can make a living without a job! There are many opportunities out there for creative individuals who have a desire to succeed. I just hope that you are able to fine one that works for you and put it into action!


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