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HTML keywords or how not to keyword spam your website!

Updated on April 3, 2013


The difference between plain old HTML and WYSIWYG is just a way of simplifying making your own website.

HTML is the "programming code" of a web page. You can do it the hard way by writing it yourself, or the easy way of getting a web editor that does it all for you with WYSIWYG.

First I want to clarify what WYSIWYG for those who don't know. It is pronounced "wizzywig" and it means "What You See Is What You Get" but for those who want to be at the top of all search engines, there's a few things to remember. As I say in my SEO & LSI hub you cannot ALL be first because you keyword spammed your page.

The main way to be at the top of a search is to have used the same name repeatedly. For instance, I have used this name "Katharella" here at hubpages for along time, but it's NOT the first. Nor am I the only Katharella out there. But I do more things under this name, therefore, I will be ahead of her. If I don't want to be found, I use another name or even my real name! (Or I have a block script.) If you want to do that, do a simple search for "scripts to hide source code" and add it into your HTML code and nobody else will be able to see it. There's a few I really liked using. But beware, if ("if" lol) you want right click disabled, there's always someone out there that can get around that as well. I'll keep that tidbit to myself for now!

Here at HubPages we are in what's called a sub-domain. Meaning, while yes, we get to have our name before theirs, they are still the website that holds the key to letting us be first. When I did own my own websites, I was always first. It's actually still there, you're just never going to find it by searching google or any other search for it. If I wanted to start it back up, all my information is saved, thank you United States Government who forced Bill Gates into handing over his data basing system. (Yes, they TOOK it, they did not buy it, they took it, and then social networking began, so everything you've ever done is in your own little personal file up in the sky, thus the reason I do not go on Facebook and post "I had toast this morning" as if it's any of their business what I do second to second, my IP address (that little number you see on everyone's post next to their name) it's going to tell them exactly where the post came from, right now to the room of the house I am in.

EVERY THING YOU DO, SAY, PHOTOGRAPH, etc. is logged by the Government. They own every site name (whether you think you do or not.) That's another hub for now! :) This is about getting you to the top. As "Katharella" is. Well, at HupPages, it will come up first because I post here the most under this name. I have that in the bank.

First you have to decide, are you willing to be a sub-domain or your own name. Keep in mind, unless people KNOW to look for YOU, whatever your selling isn't going to matter. For instance I would never buy "" because there is another one out there. If I'm selling something then I want whatever thing I am selling to be the name of my website. Let's say I want to sell.. jewelry. There's more jewelry sites than one can imagine. Right?

When I do a search for them, why doesn't Zales, the older - more well known company come first? For the main reason, is it was around before the web, so why not title it as they wish. I don't know how long Helzburg has been around, but we know H comes before Z in the alphabet. BOTH sites have put a block in their scripts so we cannot see it's HTML code. They also both redirect you away from their main page, as Helzburg sends you to their clearance page. (where they'll get more sales, and make you less apt to go looking elsewhere.)

Hiding the source code if you're selling something is the most brilliant way of not letting your competitor know what you're up to! I did it on my art page because people kept stealing my art! (One of the reasons I let my page go and sell my art elsewhere) because you can still download picasa (a google program) and have it open and running in the background and hit "printscreen" and get a screen snap and everything there is yours for the taking. Unless of course, you've went a bit further and disabled "printscreen" which I didn't bother with because it's pointless to pay for a website when you can easily spread out and get more traffic without all the hassle of "ifs" in your HTML script.

  • BTW: The small word "IF" is the biggest word in the dictionary! It defines too many things. Fun factoid for those of you who want to ask someone what word has the largest number of meanings in the world! It's also used in programming more times than you can imagine!

One other tiny tidbit people don't know the web does, is it has photo identification software. For instance, if you do a search for me "Katharella" and look down the list, you'll see that I indeed have been signed up to a website called "" for quite a few years. I haven't been active in a few months. BUT it will still come up high in the search because of my name. NOW if you take time to look closer into it, (it doesn't matter because I'm going to tell you) that my chat icon is different. It's a hand tilted back with a crucifix and the words "Is this enough for you" carved in a wrist of the hand holding the crucifix. Now, I can use that photo there, because: A. They don't care what photo I use! B. It's a very lax but protected website. Meaning, it will let me form my own games/groups etc. of anything I want, BUT if I put one up that was a potential threat to anyone, it would cut me off in a heartbeat. It's actually one of the safest websites on the net. Due to it's nature a gruesome photo as I described is fine with them.

BUT I CANNOT use that same photo at say FaceBook or MySpace or other places because photoprotect will pop up and say I have used a photo that is not acceptable (or family friendly) to their site. This is how the police find many people online. That one photo could cost you given the fact you might have a troublesome background. Don't think for a second you aren't being closely watched because you are.

Now let's get back to your building of your website.

People who own websites that they want at the top, usually own more than one, so one will direct you to the other. Think about that when you're deciding on the name of your website.

People are led to believe that if your name is at the front of a url that you're going to come up first. Well, while that certainly helps, you might not be the only there is. 1234user has beat you to the punch. Even farther 0123 has beaten you, and pushed you down another notch. As I say in the other hub, programming reads it's page just like you're reading this one.

  1. Top - down.
  2. Left to right.

All code, even the code that starts up your computer is written in this format. The code is called ASCII (pronounced ask-ee) it means, American Standard Code for Information Interchange. So when you see those cute designs that are written out with symbols they are ASCII symbols. (Usually, and strangely enough, they can be found on page 666 of the C++ programming book - meaning? You be the judge and jury on that.)

If you'd like to get into where religion comes into play on how a computer works to "connect us all" wonder for yourself, why is it possible for a grain of sand to be the thing that began the makings of a computer. If you think me wrong, study into it. Do not for a second think that the Sci-Fi movie you saw last week could never happen, because you'll be sadly mistaken. They have actually "grown" computers from something you'd find in most garbage cans. A maggot. Why? HA. Before you fall over laughing, maybe you should learn a bit about maggots.
What you would learn in a beginners class:
A computer works on an "on / off" basis. Not the whole thing, but you've heard of bits and bytes, so for example: O Looks like a simple letter right? While it is, it is also either an on or an off bit out of the byte. There is a square broken into 8 different parts, and whatever one needs to be on, is where you see the black area, where it is off, you see the white area. Altogether they are a byte with on / off impulse. So what's a maggot have to do with it? Maggots have PERFECT heartbeats. You'll never see one getting surgery on it's heart before it becomes that fly that zooms by! (The fly that has... um, 10,000 eyes) Mr. Miyagi is pretty slick catching one with chopsticks huh?
The basis of all that is so you know, the little circuit board under your fingers WILL someday only recognize YOUR fingerprints, and if you have a newer computer, how do you know that little built in webcam isn't actually recording what you're doing. Call me "paranoid" if you want, but I spend a lot of time in my life learning rather than having a bunch of kids, the teaching them how to count starting from 1 when the first number is really zero.

(c)Me again! Hey it was the only picture of me caught learning to be a slave to the grind. Family life finished, TIME FOR ME to begin!
(c)Me again! Hey it was the only picture of me caught learning to be a slave to the grind. Family life finished, TIME FOR ME to begin!

Let's say you've decided to pick your own domain name that is unique. Wise choice. You own it, you have control. Time to learn or use some of the scripts, and get to the top!

There's a plethora of great wysiwyg programs to help you build a super web site out there. I personally like FrontPage, but a lot of hosting companies do not support the extensions so, I'd opt for something else at this point. Space is pretty cheap and you'll most likely have to go with a company who already bought up tons of domain names or the host will rope you into going with them so you can pay them for "saving it for you so they can set it up for you."

For instance, I would never go with "go-daddy" because they're sneaks, and I'd not go with others that I'd rather not even name. I'd to to the main source, probably a private individual who bypasses all the frill. (in fact, that's what I did with over 6 websites, and used the same "at home" guy so the deal was incredible, bandwidth grew each year as did the people who came there so it evened out and best of all, no hidden fees.)

When you go in to first open your site, you can enter any text you want after the // because the computer is not going to show what's in between there. Plus, if its a website it might want promoted or redirected. (there are exceptions to that rule - don't forget the many facets of the word "if".) Don't forget either that zero is the first number when counting.

While everyone wants their website to be flashy or colorful, it's ok, that's fine.I recently offered to fix someone's website who thought green black and yellow were the best colors.. BUT the logo of their hosting company took away from the overall look of the site. AND it was in the upper left hand corner of the page! BAM, they win, not them! I'll check back at their site in about 6 months because it might make "some" money, but I wouldn't host with them. It looked shady. So, let's forget them and get back to YOUR first words. The closer you get it to the top of the HTML the better. Say you want it to be a graphic! Ok, that's great, BUT if you don't NAME THE GRAPHIC whatever name you want to hit the top of the search engine, it's NOT going to be at the top of the list. If you name it "image1.jpg" then you're no better off. If the graphic is a photo of, say "car parts" then name it "car parts.jpg" and make sure it's in the upper left corner. Then go start a blog and name it "car parts" and get creative when you begin that blog with the words Car Parts. The "ABC Car Parts" people will come AFTER you in a search someone does for "car parts"!

  • As for programming I can prove this if you test me on it and do a simple search for the programming C++ or cplusplus. In reality, it's C++, but the people that built the website that want the most sales (although they give great information, it's the compiler they want to sell you) they put their logo "cplusplus" in the upper left corner, then the rest of their information neatly on the page. (Using C++ is an example, if you want to learn programming, just keep in mind you're learning another language, oh, and good luck there!) :)

Your HTML reads like I said, left to right because the compiler told it to. Now, when you begin to add scripts to your HTML, you can get plenty of them free off the net. I suggest that you click the button from your wysiwyg to the actual HTML and space down to past codes in leaving spaces between them. That way later if you want it out, you know right where to go to take it out. Don't worry about spaces because the computer isn't going to read them, and leave a big huge blank space! You didn't tell it to on the wysiwyg page. If the script needs something that is on the bottom of your HTML, then the top on will tell it to go get it, and it'll come back up and begin reading and preforming right where it left off. Without missing a beat.

I will say it is always best to get your own domain name, and make it unique to what you're selling and promote it as I have done my name "Katharella" I've used it for so many years, that before the web I could fool people into not being able to email me because I could use two capitol i's for L's and they couldn't spam me. Not unless they did a copy and paste. Which many didn't think to do.

When I began HubPages, I thought, great a new way to make money via the net without having to deal with setting all my links on my webpage. But I wanted to make sure I was always going to come close to the top, so in choosing my name, that's why I went with Katharella. Now when people search me out, they don't search my real name, they search this name out, and if you do it right now, you'll see my hubpages is at the TOP of the list just as I said, and the other person who used it farther down the list. I don't use it unless it's a place I care to be found.

So when you pick your name, choose it wisely, and that's your key to making money and being at the top of the list. Some people can learn from it, others cannot. They either use a new name or they use their own name. Not wise if you really want to make money via the net. And there's only ONE place that I promote links from another site, to the site that I make the most money. It's paid off!

Questions or Comments? (Corrections are welcomed as well!)

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  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lost in America

    Are you sure they bought it or are just holding it. If it's not kept up, it will go back into the pool as soon as it expires.

    GoDaddy isn't one of my favorite places to recommend to buy from.

    Also you need a very good editor unless you're html savvy.

    You're welcome and I am glad I helped if you didn't get led down a wrong path. Sometimes people will buy and hold a name (for people like you) thinking someone will come along and offer a large sum of money for it) Best wishes for your idea, don't let it pass you by, quite a few of my idea's have been snagged up by others because I put it off. But I have a few things going and hopefully one of them will be "the one" :)

  • GmaGoldie profile image

    Kelly Kline Burnett 

    7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


    Fascinating. Very helpful. I have been thinking of re-branding, re-marketing an item and have toyed with this idea for some time. I was shocked when I was researching on GoDaddy that someone bought my name that I was considering. Now I will never search on GoDaddy until I am ready to buy. Hopefully someone else will learn from my own mistakes.

    I need to learn these many items as I move over to my own website. Thank you very much!

  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Lost in America

    Thanks. Aw shucks, it's all in the cheese! hehe :)

  • Om Paramapoonya profile image

    Om Paramapoonya 

    8 years ago

    Very interesting. Thanks for the advice. You're a very wise hamburger! :-P

  • nikitha p profile image

    nikitha p 

    8 years ago from India

    Well written, thanks for sharing this.

  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Lost in America

    lol it's funny you voted it funny! :D hahaa... You know, things have changed so much over time, and the names have been scooped up so quickly I'll look into it and see what's going on with it, because if you're going to make a web site of your own I'd want to make sure you didn't get caught up in something that becomes too frustrating to work with. I'll get back with you on it! :) If I can find you the right spot you won't need to hire anyone! You'll open it just as you do any program, it will be that simple. But I'll definitely make sure you have some good scripts in it so nobody can screen capture or copy it. Although you're date/time stamped already so people don't get away with that! :)

  • Hyphenbird profile image

    Brenda Barnes 

    8 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

    I meant to vote "useful" not funny. Sorry.

  • Hyphenbird profile image

    Brenda Barnes 

    8 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

    I know absolutely nothing about these things and my poor brain feels dizzy. I acknowledge your savvy greatness. Can I just hire you when I am ready for a website? Also, Kathy, how can I "reserve" a website name that I know I want to use in the future?


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