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HeLpiNg HaNdS fRoM a HeLpLeSs

Updated on March 9, 2011

Beggar and Society

Usually beggar has never been given respect in society. Most beggers are earning money without any effort means very easily. Really it turns the people from hard physical work…….

Value of time and money

Among these some people are sick not capable to do work and some are orphans,blind, and handicapped.But some are very healthy and having no reason to beg. They are thinking that begging is the easiest way of living. Enhancing such people is not good. Let them do some physical work and earn money. Then only will understand the value of money and time.

Beggar exposing talents to the public

Some beggars are good talented. But they are not getting enough chances to improve and expose the talents. So they are showing in buses,train,roads and market places. People are attracted by such shows and getting alms in return.

 If the Beggar is blind with good melodious voice ….

 Surely people will encourage their talents and help them financially.

Distinct beggar who gave happiness to others.

I would like to narrate 60-year old mohammad yakoub in Aurangabad district.

Who is totally a blind but he can still feel the agony of his villagers. He is gifted with melodious voice. Early morning he will start his singing in buses,trains and market places. His sweet voice was attracted by many people. People not sending him with barehands. He is getting much alms from the public.

Blind and Beggar has a heart is true.........

This person is helping poor villagers means “Helping hands from a helpless”.

He is donating money for poor girls marriages, constructing roads,bridges,as well as places of worship like temples,mosques etc. Even though he is blind.His heart is open for serving others. As he would like to help others he like to die as a beggar itself.

Beggar got respect in society.........

People are very proud to give alms to such beggars .People are realizing his goodness and ready to give money .So the beggar is respected by the society.


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