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Being Thrifty And Saving Money

Updated on June 23, 2019

As a single person, I have learned how it is not difficult to save money compared to those with considerably larger families. However, even single people need to watch their cash flow. However, even in the best of economic times, people can spend too much money, so the key has been to find ways to keep myself from going to the store too often because I do like to buy things I do not necessarily need. Also, having cable TV, read books that are second hand, and walking/riding my bike to get around are a few of the other ways I like to save money. These are just a few things I have done to save money, so if these suggestions do not work for you please keep this in mind. What works for me will not necessarily work for you, but these are just a few suggestions for people that are single around the age of thirty.

Get A TV, Telephone, And Internet Bundle

Many phone companies and cable companies offer TV, telephone, and Internet bundles that run around a hundred dollars a month or so. This may sound like a lot of money to some people. Keep in mind I do not go out to movies or attend other social outings, so paying for all three of these services in one bundle is a great deal for me. This price includes being able to come online and write on sites such as Hubpages, to my heart's content, and being able to make as many long distance calls as I would like. There are unlimited minutes on my cell phone after nine and on the weekends, but sometimes you just want to make a call earlier in the day, especially when the person you are dialing lives in a different time zone.

Some people go to the movies whenever a new film comes out, but I have been resisting the urge to do this because I rationalize I can always see it on cable TV later. I miss going to the movies, but a ten dollars a ticket plus the price of soda and/or a snack just make this a little too pricey for me. I absolutely love movies, so watching classic movies on TMC, and newer movies on HBO is just what the doctor ordered. I love to do my artwork or other crafts while I am watching movies, which makes it more engaging for my mind. I also love to watch all programs with the captions on so I do not miss any of the dialogue. HBO series such as Big Love are one of my favorites, so having cable is pretty much a necessity in my house.

Make a budget to save money
Make a budget to save money

Stay Home More Often

Yes I stay home on my time off of work, and I like to write on Hubpages, squidoo, ehow, on my blogs, and website. Not only is this entertaining for me, but it helps me from going out to the store to spend money. I have never been into the club or bar scene, so it is just natural to stay home and watch tv or read a book. My college roommate told me I had no life because I stayed home, but what is that supposed to mean? Truthfully everyone has a life, and some just need to stop judging others for how they spend it. So I am boring because I like to stay home on my days off, but if I had more money I might do other things such as go to Hawaii three or four times a year. However, even if I were affluent I would not want to throw cash around needlessly, so staying home on my days off is a great way to save money.

Walk More Often

A few days a week I actually walk home from work. Since I have never driven it is much better than taking the bus in my opinion. Also, I am able to spend some great time just looking at the mountains and hearing the birds chirp in the trees. Walking home is great exercise and my primary form of fitness since I do not have a gym membership. Some people have asked me why I do not have a gym membership, and I have tactfully pointed out gyms are expensive and not very practical for people that do not drive.

Also, I have wondered what is the point of paying several hundred dollars to use the gym if you only get on the treadmill a few times a year? I understand the appeal of using the gym if you like to lift weights, use the machines, or take classes, but I have known people that only use the gym for the treadmill, and they reveal many times they will not even go for that because of the crowds. Maybe an alternative could be to buy a treadmill and use it at home more often, or make an effort to do a few walking errands. For instance, walk to the post office instead of driving, which is a good way to get a small workout in. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, which to me is just way less claustrophobic. As a college student working in a library before the renovation, I saw people get stuck between floors on our elevator several times, which made me not want to take it anymore. I will take an elevator if I have to go to the nineteenth floor, but I would much rather take the stairs if I only have to go up a few flights.

Just a thought, but I feel I can get plenty of exercise by walking and I love it. I am actually one of those few people who love to walk whenever I can, especially when the weather is warm and the sun is out. I have never had a car payment or car insurance, which means I can spend more of my money on things I like. Most people love their cars and driving, but now and then it is nice to maybe walk to the market or post office for a change of pace. Keep in mind no one is saying you have to do this, I just sharing how this is one way I have saved a bit of money over time.

I claim to be no expert or guru on how to save money, but I just know these are a few small things that I do to keep from spending money in my daily life.


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