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How Do You Get Out Of Debt? Here Are A Few Helpful Tips.

Updated on September 10, 2009

How Do You Get Out Of Debt? Here Are A Few Helpful Tips.

How Do You Get Out Of Debt?  Here Are A Few Helpful Tips.

So there you are stressing out.  You are stressing out about all the money you owe the bank.  You are screwed and no one cares!  But there is one person who cares.  That person is I.  I will aid you through your problem now.  Read on...

Move to a different country -- So you are screwed.  Get the hell out of the country.  This is probably the only way you will safely get away from the collectors. Don't plan on coming back either.  You will be looking at hard time.  Look on the bright side; this situation has forced to experience a new country.  Take that lemon and make lemonade.  when I say lemonade, I mean getting your ass closer to being out of debt.

Start busking for change -- Do you have any skills?  Take those skills to the street and become a performer.  Put on a killer act and see what happens. After your act ask for donations.  If you have done well, you will see people coughing up the dough.  This extra change will push you out of your debt hole.

Pick up pennies from the street -- Get a magnifying glass and start looking on the ground.  There are people out there that are too lazy to pick up their pennies after they have dropped them.  Look along edges of curbs and under rocks.  People will think you are really crazy, but who are they kidding, you are the one making money!  Make sure you bring a bag with you.  Remember, 100 pennies is 1 dollar and if you get this, you will eventually be able to aid your debt.

Get another job -- This is the worst idea ever...but sometimes you have to do it.  Take up all your extra family time and give it away to the corporation.  This is where they can leverage your life to increase there stock point by 1%.  But you need the money to get out of debt.  So bite your tongue and swallow your pride.  Start hunting for a new job in the classifieds.  Next thing you know you have a new 9-5 and will be able to cover the death...I mean...debt.

Stop spending your money -- Duh!  If you spend more money, you will go farther into debt.  STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY!

Sell all of your things --  Raise some money by selling all of your belongings.  If you are lucky, your old underwear with the skid marks will eventually sell on any classified or auction medium.  Tell people that there is a huge "'YOU NAME HERE' Sale" and say everything is half off.  Every dollar you can raise will help you get out of your problem.

Get help from a friend -- Beg and cry to your friends about your problem.  See if they even care.  If they do, ask them for $10,000.  If they are truly your friend, they would be willing to give that to you without thinking about it.  What else are friends good for? Bye bye debt!

Sell blood --  I Think this can be done in the states.  Go to the local blood donation clinic and give a half pint of your red goodness.  They will happily reimburse you with a few cookies and a huge amount of money.  Put that money in the bank and get out of debt!

Cut up credit cards --  Get the scissors and cut those credit cards up.  They are one of the elements that got you into debt in the first place.  Just kidding you are the reason why you are in debt.  Credit cards don't make decisions...

Read about getting out of debt -- Well, hopefully you are taking some notes from this.

Well, these were a few ideas on how to get your ass out of debt.  Keep doing the research and you will eventually find out that you have procrastinated too long.  The collectors are at your door and you are now screwed.  Run for your life!  No, really good luck in getting out of debt.


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