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How Ghanaians can Own United States Bank Account Numbers

Updated on May 4, 2015
Payoneer homepage. A good payment service company that pays many marketers.
Payoneer homepage. A good payment service company that pays many marketers. | Source

Years back, it had been difficult for Ghanaians to receive money from friends and relations unless they go to bank and queue up to cash their money through Western Union. With the help of internet and advancement in technology, citizens of Ghana, be you student, teacher, or business man can own a U.S account number and have your relations and friends pay money to the account number and you withdraw the money using the bank A.T.M (Automated Teller Machine) card. This is for real as I have been using the card for withdrawing money sent to me in my U.S account and it saves me the stress of going to bank to cash money through Western Union or check.

But more importantly, this process works through internet banking. I said internet banking because you can only receive money through this card by the means of internet. Do not be afraid because I will give you details on how to go about it.

In this piece, I will teach you how to have a United States account number and ATM card and be able to receive U.S payment with it. It is accepted worldwide and more popularly known in some developed countries. Information is power and thank God that you get this piece which will inform you on how you can acquire United States bank account number irrespective of the fact you do not live in that part of the world.

How to Have U.S Account Number

The U.S account number to be given to you is that of Bank of America in affiliate with Payoneer. The account number is accompanied with routing number which you give to the person that wants to send money to you from United States if requested using payment system like PayPal. The steps are thus:

  • Signup for the Payoneer card at the website (you will be taken to the site by clicking on “signup”)
  • Create your account on the site by filling the information required from you. It is similar to creating account on Facebook or on any other social media sites.
  • Scan your national identity card, voter’s card, drivers licence or international passport of your country because you upload it to Payoneer while signing up just as is demanded while opening account in any bank in Ghana. Any of these documents submitted is a proof that you really come from Ghana because the Master card (ATM card) that you will use to withdraw money sent to you will be forwarded to Ghana. If you do not have any of these, you can use that of your brother, sister or any bearing the same surname with you. Make sure that the name on the identity card is the same with the one you used in signing up. You can answer the name of your brother, sister or relation for you to get the card. I answered the name of my immediate elder brother when I created mine because I did not have any of the requirements as of then because I was less than 18.
  • Ensure that you fill the postal code/zip code of your state or location correctly. If you do not know the postal/zip code of your state/location, browse for that through search engine e.g Google, Bing or others.
  • Address filled is very important as Payoneer will send the master card to your location. For instance if you are a student of any department in a university in Ghana, the address you may use if am to suggest is that of your department. Example is “Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology” with the correct postal code of the university and Payoneer will mail the card to the university which you filled (the card will then be brought to your department) and the card is received after a month interval or less.
  • After filling all the necessary information required of you, the last is to summit everything to the site by clicking on “summit”.

What shows when signing up on Hubpages
What shows when signing up on Hubpages | Source

What Happens after Submitting Your Information?

After your data have been submitted to Payoneer, email will be sent to you. The next is that email will also be sent when your account has been created with Bank of America or any good bank in United States of America. It will be accompanied with the account details.

Payoneer in Ghana. Signing up for payoneer card as a Ghana citizen
Payoneer in Ghana. Signing up for payoneer card as a Ghana citizen | Source

What Happens When Your Payoneer Card is sent?

When the Payoneer card is sent to the address you filled, the instruction on how to activate your card will be sent through the postal envelop that houses the card. You will be directed to login to your Payoneer account and select four digit pins that you will use as password to the ATM card/Debit Card/Master card. Whenever you want to withdraw with the card, you add your password to the ATM machine in Ghana. Almost all the ATM machines in Ghana accept the card so far they accept master cards.

Can Ghana Students make use of the Card?

All students of Ghana can have Payoneer cards and make use of them. Once any student in tertiary institution in Ghana, be the student in Polytechnics or University, he or she can use the card.

Is Payoneer Card and the U.S Bank Account Free?

Having bank account number using the procedure stated hear is free. For the Payoneer card, you will be charged $29.95 annual fee. You are not charged any shipping fee for the card. Anytime you withdraw money with the card, the bank machine usually charge fee of $1 or less.

Receiving Money from U.S Friend or Relation

For you to receive money from any friend or relation from United States, he or she must pass through U.S online payment companies. One of them is PayPal. The person is expected to signup for PayPal at if he or she has none. With this payment system, the person can transfer money from his or her local bank account in U.S to the PayPal account. The money that is now transferred to PayPal will be sent to you in your Payonner card when you give the person your card details like the card number or the account number and routing number given to you by Payoneer.

The struggle and the difficulty for Ghanaians to have United States bank account numbers have end with the help of Payoneer company technology. Make sure that you make use of IP changing software like “Ultra Surf” or “Surf Easy VPN” if you want the money to be sent from U.S PayPal account so as to be identified as someone from United States.

Feel free to make your comment if confused.


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