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How To Live a Luxury Lifestyle on a Low Income

Updated on December 11, 2014


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Living Large on a Little

There are two types of people that are satisfied with living on a low income, those with low expectations and normal habits, and those with high expectations and a strategy. Having a low income doesn't mean that you need to have a low lifestyle, and you can build a luxurious lifestyle that feels rich even if you don't have much wealth.

Determine What Matters for You

We all have different priorities, and there are a great number of different things that we might consider important. For some of us, we are devoted to our hobbies, indoor or outdoor, and for others we value our cars, our homes, or our food.

Whatever you value is the area where you might want to spend more of your income, and then you can consider the remainder of your life for areas to cut back. For instance, I don't particularly care about the state of my underclothes, so I spend almost no money on them. By using older or worn socks and old tshirts for undershirts, I can afford to spend more on the things and experiences I value.

Reallocate your Spending to Boost your Impact

Once you've chosen a new set of priorities, you can proceed to the next step of building a functional allocation of your spending. This will require you to have a good grasp of your current spending, and the time to reconsider it and find ways to redirect it.

In doing this review, you might notice that large amounts of your spending ends up going to your unimportant expenses. A lot of people spend more than they would like on housing, transportation costs, eating out, excesive travel, overpriced insurance or unanticipated fees.

Any, or even all of these can be reduced in many cases, and you can redirect the money saved into more important things for you.

Make your Money work Harder

Once you've found your passions and determined what you really want to be spending your money on, and found the ways to free up some spending from the other parts of your life, you can focus those funds on what you consider important. Look for ways to turn a small investment into a big difference in your life, whether it is the appearance or the experience that you are looking for.

By following these tips, and taking a break every few months for a financial checkup, you can keep your money working harder for you and live a life of luxury on just a little!


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    • Pro Shell profile image

      Pro Shell 3 years ago from Vereinigten Staaten

      Vespa, we can all benefit from reconsidering our priorities.

      The idea of frugality isn't to live like you're poor, it's to live like you want to live with the money you have.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 3 years ago from Peru, South America

      These are good reminders. It´s probably time to rethink my priorities and how I spend my money.