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How To Make A Money Magnet Necklace To Attract Wealth

Updated on April 18, 2013

Personal Energetic Frequeny

Personal energetic Frequencies are the energy that surround us on a daily basis, sometimes called vibrations. This form of energy decides what kind of situations are lead into our lives, whether these things are positive or negative. Positive and Negative circumstances that surround our lives are being pulled towards us. We are attracting these situations into our lives based on the laws of attractions. Vibrations play a big role in attracting things, feelings and emotions that are weighed on more negative levels like sadness, hate, guilt, depression etc are emotions that are sending out low vibrations, therefore the only things you are attracting into your life is negativity. Emotions and feelings that send off high vibrations for example, love, kindness, happiness, pure bliss, etc elevate your vibrations to the highest level, pulling in positive things like wealth, abundance and love. Based on a scale developed by Dr. David Hawkins psychiatrist and consciousness researcher, our levels of personal energetic frequencies should range from a 0 -1000. Most human beings walk around at a level of 100-250, this range is considered to be low. At this level it is almost impossible to attract wealth, abundance and love into our lives. Ranges in the 300's are better, but just maintaining or ups and downs, for example, you may not be homeless or starving, you may be a bit better off then most, middle classed, home and a car, but just stable, no extra money for vacations or shopping spree's or whatever you are desiring as wealth. The ultimate level for wealth, abundance and love is a 500 or above. At this level, what ever you are focusing on is being pulled to you at high speeds. Well personally I know for some of us, it is almost impossible to say positive 24hrs a day, and for those who have mastered it, you guys are awesome. I have done some research on my own to figure out if maybe there is a way to keep our vibrations high with a little help from objects or things, that have very high vibrations.

100% Rose Oil

100% Rose Oil

During my research I came across 100% rose oil. Rose oil vibrates at a level of a whopping 350!! This is twice as much then what most human beings have. Now if your vibrating at a 150 or higher then the rose oil can put you at a level of 500 or more, this is where I had the bright idea about the Money Magnet Necklace. These are the things you will need, a bottle of 100% rose oil, Caution , not all rose oils are the same. Rose hip oils, wild rose oils, and rose petal fragrances are not 100% rose oil, they are much cheaper, but these oils will not vibrate at 350 because they are watered down or contain other ingredients. 100% Rose oil is a bit pricey a bottle containing 5ml will run you about $24.97. Make sure the label says 100% Rose oil, only pure rose oil can be used when making the necklace.

Second your going to need a keep sake necklace, a special necklace that is made to hold ashes of a passed love one, or oils. like this one shown here in the picture, the tops screw off and you can fill them with what ever you like. You will also need a small medicine dropper, it is not mandatory, it is just an easier way to aide the rose oil into the necklace without spilling or wasting the rose oil, if you wish you can just pour the rose oil into the necklace. After pouring the desired amount, screw the top on, Wala , you have now made your money magnet necklace. Wear your necklace everyday, get your personal vibrations high,with 350 hanging around neck, You are welcoming wealth, abundance and love into your life. Try not to let to many people touch the necklace, we don't want to take chances with lowering the vibrations by a negative touch. When your rose oil gets low or evaporates, refill your necklace. It has been recorded that mother teresa vibrated at a 700 , this is why she was able to raise millions of dollars to help the homeless and sick. I hope your money magnet necklace brings you wealth and abundance beyond your wildest dreams.


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