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11 Places To Find Over 100 Coupons To Sell On E-Bay!

Updated on July 20, 2016

Many of us are using coupons at the food store to take the pain out of the moment when the cashier hits the total button, but did you know that you can make a good amount of money selling coupons on Ebay?

As of this moment there are 35,000 auctions on E-bay selling coupons and some of them are selling for big money! One auction for an envelope of baby formula coupons just sold for $95.01!

Now, that took some hard work to gather that amount of formula coupons, but I have come up with some easier ways to make cash selling coupons in just a few hours of work. I’m going to share with you how to locate the coupons that sell for big money and how to list them on E-bay.

Hunting For Coupons to Resell

Even though their popularity has been fading, newspapers are still the number one place to find coupon inserts. Make sure you save any coupons that you aren’t using from your Sunday inserts. You may also check with friends and family to see if they will give you any coupons they aren’t using.

Many people engaging in Sunday night dumpster diving to find discarded coupons. It's not for me – but, by all means have at it.

At the end of all this coupon hunting and gathering it is time to list them on Ebay.

  • It’s most common for Ebay sellers to sell their coupons in multiples of the same coupon (20 or so).
  • One helpful thing I have noticed is that lots of only 12 to 15 coupons generally sell for the same amount as the lots of 20.
  • Be sure to list all of the details of the coupon in your Ebay listing (expiration dates, exclusions, whether the coupon can be doubled, etc).
  • If your not able to obtain 12-15 copies of the same coupon you could list your coupons as a mixed lot which is also desirable by many. In this case I would recommend you putting them in lots of 100 and advertising them.

Another highly recommended suggestion of mine would be to purchase Sunday newspaper coupon inserts on-line. One such site is Coupons & Things by De-De. This web-site sells the entire insert for a fee, usually somewhere between 30 and 90 cents. I have had a huge success in purchasing coupon inserts from these kinds of web-sites and reselling the individual coupons for a profit on E-bay.

Other Places To Get Coupons To Sell

Ever since I started my own small business selling coupons on E-bay I have found many places to find coupons to sell. The profits I have made from my business have been incredible and have helped my family live a much better life.

I would like to share this list with you so that you may reap the benefits of selling coupons on-line as well -

Past E-Bay Coupon Sales That Will Surprise You

10% off Home Depot Coupon
14 Bids
Highest Bidder $25
10% off Target Coupon
48 Bids
Highest Bidder $361 (it was a week before Black Friday)
16 Fancy Feast Cat Food Coupons For $1 off
13 Bids
Highest Bidder $8.50
20 Winn Dixie Coupons For $5 off An Order Of $30 Or More
14 Bids
$10.19 (you may find coupons like these to resell in coupon boods such as the Entertianment Book)
47 PowerAde Coupons, Buy Two Get $1 Off
18 Bids
Highest Bidder $30
30 Tide Detergent Coupons For $1 Off
13 Bids
Highest Bidder $7.50

1. The Entertainment Book

Coupon books such as The Entertainment Book provide a vast amount of coupons you can sell on E-bay. Many of the coupons in the Entertainment Book may be used nationwide. There are also many other fundraising coupon books similar to the Entertainment book such as the Save Around book that you can purchase on-line.

2. The Post Office

When you change your address at the post office you are mailed an envelope with coupons for places such as Home Depot and JC Penny. Don't throw them out! I have seen these types of coupons sell for big bucks on E-Bay!

3. Bank Bonus Coupons

I recently received a coupon in the mail offering me $300 to open a checking and savings account with Chase Bank. Much to my surprise this coupon was listed on E-bay. I listed mine shortly after and made a nice profit.

4. Web-site Mailing Lists

Never underestimate the value of signing up for a company's mailing list on-line. Web-sites such as Proctor &Gamble, Pampers, and Nabisco continuously send me coupons for their latest products in the mail just because I signed up for their mailing list a few years ago. These types of coupons have made me quite a few dollars over the years. Sign up for as many of these mailing lists as you can. Make sure you use a separate e-mail address due to the fact that they send out many marketing e-mail's. Spend about 15 minutes of your time each day signing up for these lists. Some other companies to keep in mind would be Babies R Us,Unilever, and Church & Dwight. You will have a continuous stream of coupons arriving every week in your mailbox.

5. Junk Mail

Make sure to look at your junk mail closely including the local newspapers at the end of your drive-way. Keep and list any coupons you think may be attractive for resale. I once found a $25 coupon for The Cheesecake Factory when you used your Visa card. I told it for $24!

6. Newspapers in Cities

When you are in a city or an urban area you will see free newspaper stands on many corners. I have grabbed a few in the past. To my surprise I found many pretty great coupons and have resold them. Take advantage of these types of papers, you will be surprised as to what you can find.

7. Magazines

Take note of all of the magazines you come across during your day. Some examples would be when your at the doctor's office, beauty salon, or while you are getting your oil change. You can politely ask if it's ok to keep these coupons. Another great source for magazine coupons would be your local library.

8. Toll Free Numbers

I have received some of my best coupons for simply calling companies such as Hostess Snack Cakes, Oreo Cookies, and Frito Lay. I simply ask the customer service representative if they have any coupons available for mailing being that I love their products so much. You will be surprised how many coupons will be mailed to your doorstep!

9. Compliment Letters

Writing a hand written letter is beautiful thing that many people don't find the time to do these days. Every once in while I will spend an hour of my day handwriting a lovely compliment letter to the companies I adore the most. I put it in the mail and receive treasures in return. On one occasion I received $50 in gift certificates from my favorite restaurant.

10. Visiting Centers

Either while traveling or driving around your local area try to locate any visitors centers that may be available. Visitor's Centers have a vast amount of local and national coupons you can grab to resell on E-bay.

Have You Ever Made A Profit Selling Coupons On E-Bay?

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How to Sell Your Coupons

Now we have covered the hunting and gathering part of starting your own coupon selling business of E-bay I am going to tell you how to sell your coupons. Its important to comprehend how this works and what coupons you can sell.

E-bay offers every user five free auctions a month so we will get some good use out of that, but also keep in mind that auctions with a starting price under $1.00 only cost fifteen cents so we can keep our seller fees extremely low.

A quick point before I move on: some coupons will contain language that prohibits them for resale. You’ll notice that E-bay buyers always make sure they include language in their listing that explains that the winning bidder is paying for their time to gather, clip, and ship out the coupon and are not paying for the coupon itself. E-bay requires that you include that language, if you don't they may delete your listings.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Coupons on E-Bay?

It’s difficult to give you an exact number.

The money you make on E-bay selling coupons will depend on many things like -

  • what kind of coupons you sell
  • how you package them
  • whether you list them as Buy it Now or Bid Now, etc.

During my research, I found that most people seem to be making a few hundred dollars a month. I also talked (online) with a seller advised me that she makes around $1000 a month selling coupons on eBay and Craigslist.

In my opinion, I don’t think the majority of us can count on selling coupons on eBay as a way to make a living, but making some easy extra money every month is easy and doable.

Wrapping It Up

I would love to hear from you if you have any experience selling coupons on E-bay.

Are you currently a coupon seller, or have you ever sold coupons on eBay and did you make a good profit?…

How A Busy Mom Can Sell Coupons On E-Bay!


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    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      2 years ago

      Amy, this is amazing. I am loving this hub.

      Really intrigue and something unique.

      You are brilliant.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This is really interesting . Great ideas. Thanks!

    • Happymommy2520 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from East Coast

      Thank you! I am always looking for creative ways to make a little extra money I enjoyed your article as well. Have a great day!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      Wow, you have a great gig going with this! Best of luck for continued success! I've always considered coupons so picky and specific that most people wouldn't want it if I don't. On occasion I find a coupon someone leaves purposefully behind in the cat food or cat litter aisle and always feel so blessed.


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