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How To Make Money As A Talent Scout- Secrets To Being A Successful Talent Scout

Updated on December 5, 2012

What Is A Talent Scout?

It can be hard getting into the entertainment industry. Becoming a talent scout can be one of the easiest entries into the lucrative field of entertainment. There are companies that pay well for those that do the leg work for talent.

If your already around people everyday or enjoy the night clubs this can be perfect for you.

A talent scout is a person that finds a desired talented person that is in demand. Once a talent scout knows whats need they approach the talent and set up appointment with the agency they are employed.

The agency such as DrakeBook will most likely sign up the talent and give the scout a payment for the lead. If the talent does not sign up with the agencie or they are not what the agency needs the talent scout does not get paid.

Talent Scout Requirements

It is a special person that will make a successful talent scout. This person must already be around many people everyday and be charismatic and approachable. But with proper training anyone can be a great talent scout.


Example of compensation: 1-6 signups $25 per talent, 7-15 signups $75 per talent and so on.So you can see how your income can grow. Just imagine bringing home an extra $2000 a week or month!

Talent Scout Tips

  1. Give compliments when you stop your potential talent. Exam: Excuse me have you ever modeled before? I stopped you because of the beautiful head of hair you have.
  2. Clarify your purpose. Exam: I am a talent agent and think that you are a great fit for one of our clients.
  3. Second compliment. Exam: Your georgeous hair will look spatacular in their new hair commercial.
  4. Card snatchback. Exam: Heres my card. Reach to hand prospect your card. Now snatch it back. (Trust me do it!) Then say as you point to your id number:I want to first let you know that without this number you will not be able get into the appointment location. Here is my id # or name here on the card. It is important to have this when you arrive. This is how we maintain our quality of talent.
  5. Collect Contact Information- Tell talent you now need only one thing from them. Their contact information in case something changes with appointment time. Imp: hand them the pad and pen to put in their own information. Make sure you don't have names in your small notepad! You don't want to make your talent feel like they are not special!

This technique has been used for years by very successful talent scouts. If you deviate from the plan you will be wasting you time and will have many no shows. Remember people that feel special show up and sign up allow you to get paid!

WARNING! Never scout a whole group of people!! If theres even 3 people scout only1!

You may be thinking that you can advertise online to get your leads. You can but if that was fool proof your agency would save millions by doing it themselves. This fool proof method has the highest return on your time.

Your agencies job board will let you know what type of talent to look for. All you have to do is scout where ever you are, when ever you can.

Best Places To Scout

  • clubs
  • downtown
  • supermarket
  • subway
  • malls
  • events

You can make your own schedule to keep your numbers up and your pockets fat by setting 2-4 hours a day to dedicate to scouting for talent. The industry is looking for regular people everyday. Read this article and see how any one can become a lifestyle model.


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