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How To Make More Money Online Or Off

Updated on October 22, 2015
Are you a busy bee or do you have a large chunk of free time?
Are you a busy bee or do you have a large chunk of free time? | Source

Making More Money, Decide What You Want

Making more money is often at the top of many people's New Year's resolution lists and is often on some other people's minds constantly. After all, it can bring us more comfort, give us the freedom to do with our time as we choose and having an abundance of it provides security. Money can pay for education, home improvements, remove us from bad neighborhoods, help us care for ill parents, or any number of things that can benefit us or others. Earning more money can be done even when you may not believe or it may appear challenging to do so. Make sure that you have a positive mindset in your search to find what works for you.

Earning more money requires more from you. More effort whether it be as an employee, an independent contractor, or a President of your own company. If you want more, you must do more, plain and simple. Many that look for shortcuts or ways to get rich quick will be disappointed if not taken for a ride. Don't be one of these lazy types that cuts corners and then makes the incorrect assumption that earning more cannot be done. Making more money is not always easy but it can be done...even in this economic environment.

Do not listen to naysayers who are likely not self motivated or may simply be comfortable with their current circumstances, whether those circumstances are good, bad, or ugly. You have no responsibility to anyone but yourself and when you sense a need or desire to earn more, it is up to you and no one else to find a way to do so.

For some, the effort may mean asking for overtime with their employer. For others, it may mean moonlighting at a second or even a third job. Some people keep their 9 - 5 and begin a side business while others feel they have no choice but to go into business for themselves. Others may begin a new business venture or add a complementary product or service to their current offerings to boost their revenues and profits. No matter what your age is or where your interests lie, if you have a desire to earn more money you can.

A little extra cash is always nice to have.
A little extra cash is always nice to have. | Source

Making More Money, Create A Product Or Service

One way to earn more money is to sell something of your own creation. This service or item could be almost anything, you are only limited by your imagination, abilities, and funds. Some ideas include creating your own music, t-shirts, wood crafts, knitted items, handmade art, etc. The most profitable services and products have a clear benefit such as making a task easier or a lot more fun to do.

Take the time to make the effort in creating something unique and truly different from things that are currently available. Many people like novelty and will pay for it at various price points. There are women who are paying $50 - $80 to bedazzle the bottom of their high heels for example. What if you thought of this idea first? How much would you have made already? If you are not creating something different, the most likely way to make money is to provide the absolute best quality in addition to providing some additional benefit to an existing product or service that competitors don't currently offer. Otherwise, you may not make any money and could lose some or all of your investment.

If you are selling something of your own creation, this requires an investment of effort, time, money, or likely all of this and more. Depending on the scale of what you are trying to accomplish, it may take weeks, months, or even years of commitment to see a positive or abundant cashflow for your efforts if any is seen at all. Owning a restaurant (or several) is a good example of a business where it can take years to see a positive or abundant cashflow. I know an affluent restauranteur that says he would have never made it had he not ensured that he had several years' operating expenses ready prior to opening his doors.

Do not be put off by this particularly if you are only used to working for others. I can personally attest to the fact that once you have started earning an income from your ideas/things of your creation and you successfully sell or bring them to market, you will get a confidence boost that confirms your abilities and propels you further. In addition, understanding that there can be a lag time between investing and returns is part of the process. You must be well informed before you invest your time, money, and effort into any venture.

Another option would be creating a service, a new technique, or even a whole new industry that others see value in and will more importantly pay for. This could be anything that you can think of but the very best places to begin creating something along these lines is to begin with the products and services that you feel leave something to be desired or have some type of failings that you can improve upon. Before you scoff, there are companies that are making millions each year simply from products and services created to complement or improve the experience of existing products. Ihome is just one example of many, so get your thinking cap on.


Making More Money, Independent Contractors, Entrepreneurs, And Consultants

Becoming an independent contractor is another way to earn more money. Depending on the company, rules, and product/service, you can do this type of work online and offline as well. Some examples of being an independent contractor include doing customer service or sales work for companies such as Alpine Access, LiveOps, or West At Home. The schedules are flexible enough for many people to work around a day job, caring for children, or attending college classes. The above companies offer work at home positions.

Other independent contracting opportunities include various work that can be found at Textbroker, Elance, and Odesk. These websites typically post pay per project offerings however, depending on the client and your efforts/skills, you may find a steady stream of income or work that can be done from anywhere in the world and often at the times you choose to work. These websites typically offer projects that will supplement your income. If you are like me and don't find the pay for these gigs worth your efforts, you may want to look into sales to boost your income further.

The most lucrative independent contracting opportunities involve sales and many of these positions do not require reporting to an office on a daily basis, if ever. Independent contractors must be self/goal/money motivated, organized, and disciplined.

Independent contractors must be able to adapt to change, exhibit planning skills, and be professional in all their duties. If you are lacking any of these traits especially if you already have problems with any of these things, you will likely encounter difficulties and may not be able to make a profit no matter how much time you put into the endeavor. Real estate agents are a very good example of independent contractors. They set their own hours, can work from home or an office, and the most successful have the aforementioned traits.

There is a growing number of nomadic rich who have no one and no office to report to. Because of this they can work from anywhere they choose and many choose to live in different places to experience various cultures and see the world. Typically, these people are consultants, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors.

Benefits of being an independent contractor include working your own hours, often having the ability to work from home or anywhere in the world, and an unlimited earning potential for your income. Common downsides include no guaranteed income, no vacation pay, and the possibility of having a slow paying client (or several) that you're working with. These can often be a drag on those who otherwise like being independent. But only you can decide if working as an independent contractor is something you would like doing to increase the amount of money that you earn.

A notebook or laptop is your ticket to working from home or anywhere in the world.
A notebook or laptop is your ticket to working from home or anywhere in the world. | Source

Making More Money, Moonlighting

Moonlighting as an employee or on your own is possible. Moonlighting as an employee is often an option for those looking to earn extra income. Seek out places that offer work environments that you would be comfortable in and try to get a feel for the culture within that workplace prior to applying and accepting. Understand that moonlighting can sometimes interfere with your primary job, caregiver duties, child rearing, or college education.

A carefully planned and executed effort with clear communication about your schedule is imperative when you have other responsibilities or simply prefer to stick to a certain schedule. The other side of this is that if you are very inflexible or even give this impression, you could knock yourself out of the running for the position very close to the start, even if you're just looking for a minimum-wage, part time job outside college classes or around your kids' school schedule.

It is important to understand that your other responsibilities are not reasons to interfere with your moonlighting (as an employee) job and vice versa. It is up to you to determine if things can work out simultaneously and what is most important to you. Further if you believe the employer cannot or will not honor verbal commitments to have you work only during times that work for you, it's best to not accept the position. Seek other ways of earning an income without the schedule conflict and resulting stress. Moonlighting can also be accomplished by performing services for others such as tutoring (can be done online, in person, and on your schedule), baby sitting, house sitting, day care, etc. As I said in the portion of this article that details creating a product or service to sell, you are only limited by your imagination, abilities, and funds (to advertise/market if you choose).

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