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How To Save Money On Expensive College Text Books

Updated on June 9, 2015

Save Money When Buying College Textbooks

Buying college textbooks has proven to become more and more expensive for college students, and its even more frustrating when college's require you to buy a new textbook every semester. On average, college textbooks are considered obsolete after 2 years at the very most and sometimes you need to buy a brand new textbook every semester. I have taken many classes that have only used a textbook for one semester, and then they require you to buy a new textbook for $200.00. So then I decided to look for a cheaper way to buy college textbooks and then I discovered there is a better way to save money on college textbooks, a place where you can save money on college textbooks by renting textbooks online. When you rent your college textbooks, you'd be so surprised how much money you can save.

How Much Money I saved by Renting College Textbooks

When I rented my textbooks for my college classes, I was surprised how much money I saved by renting them. Most of the college textbooks that I buy at the university book store are around $200.00 and sometimes they can be more than that. So rather than just keep writing about why its so good to rent textbooks instead of buy them. I figured I would show you how much money I really saved by using the website to buy my textbooks at a low price.

Here is a summary of my textbooks savings

  1. Calculus Textbook - When I went to the university bookstore to buy this book, it would cost $200 to buy the book brand new and $140 to buy the used version of the book. Keep in mind that I probably would not be able to sell the book back at the end of the semester. But after looking at the book rental website i mentioned, I saw that I could rent the book for an entire semester for only $47.65. This rental alone allowed me to save $150.00 on the purchase price.
  2. Sociology 101 Textbook - I could have purchased this book for $150.00 at the bookstore and instead I rented the textbook for the entire semester and it came to $52.33. This again saved me around $100 on one college textbook.
  3. Financial Accounting Textbook - This textbook is for my introductory to account class that I recently took. These textbooks are also very expensive, the college bookstore was selling the textbook for $210.00. I rented this book online for $65.00, I saved over $150 on this textbook.
  4. Astronomy 101 Textbook - This textbook was $145.00 at the bookstore and I rented the textbook online for only $48.00. This was one semesters worth of textbooks and it ultimately costed me about $212.98.

However, if I had bought the textbooks at the university book store, I would have ended up paying over $705.00 when you include the taxes that I would have paid. For this reason, I strongly recommend renting your college textbooks, because buying textbooks on campus is a huge rip off to the students, even the news is reporting that textbook prices are way too high. For more information on college textbook rentals, feel free to check out their website below.


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      5 years ago

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    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 

      7 years ago from California Gold Country

      Can't believe the cost of texts these days. Glad you found an alternative. Doesn't anyone write e-texts?


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