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How To Save Money: Save Your White Pennies For Your Black Days

Updated on March 5, 2015

I love saving money | Source

Start Saving.

Money flies, once you get it you just spend it because life forces us to. That's why we have to figure out some ways to save our pennies and just like the saying " Save your white pennies for your black days " .

We never know when would bad days as such visit us in our lives, so we should should try to find methods to help us save money for the days to come.

You know, nothing is guaranteed to always exist, your job is not guaranteed, the good economical situations are not guaranteed and all, so this is why we should always think about our financial future for having the capability of living a decent life.

The whole process is based upon organizing and calculating because a lot of people just don't recognize how much they're spending monthly and are not placing and setting specific and certain amounts to be spent each month.

In this article I'll be mentioning some of the good methods that you can do in order to spend less money and save some!

1- Calculate your monthly earnings and compare them with your spending amounts:

Start calculating your monthly earnings and how much on average you're spending each month, if you realize that you're spending too much or that there's something that's not logical going on then.

Remind yourself of the things you're buying, the things you may not need, the places you're visiting and other things related. | Source

2- Stop wasting your money on lotteries :

Stop wasting your money on buying lotteries, how would it be possible for you to win the jackpot while million of other people like you are buying it and trying to win it more than you?

Even the little amounts are hard to be won so how about the bigger amounts? I don't attend to break your spirits if you're one of the people who always participate in such luck games, but I'm just stating the fact here.

Instead of spending your money buying lotteries, you can save that money and put it away in a safe place so it would accumulate with time.

3- Buy what is only needed:

A lot of people buy things that they would never ever use and by this they would be wasting their money just like that.

Also, a lot of people buy luxury things in the time where their whole money wouldn't be even enough for them, people must realize, focus and know what are the things to buy.

Stop going to entertaining/amusement places in the time where your financial status wouldn't allow that, so in general, keep a focused and a wide eye open on what you buy and the things that you spend your money with.

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Let's know it!

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    • RanaKm profile image

      RanaKm 3 years ago

      Hello, thank you!

      Yes you're absolutely right about that, instead of spending some money trying to fix that issue " talking service " we can find other similar services for free and download them through wi-fi.

      I'm glad you found this beneficial and organized :)

    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 3 years ago from Michigan

      You made some good points about saving and spending money. The pressure to buy things we don't "need" is great because new products are always being introduced. People like to keep up with the latest things and gadgets, like cell phones. I just had my cell phone "talking" service disconnected. But since it's an iPhone, I still get to use the phone for free texting (thru wi-fi) to other iPhone users. There are alot of Free services we can use if we research.

      I like the way you organized and presented your ideas.