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How To Sell On Craigslist Fast

Updated on October 15, 2010

Sell Your Extra Things On Craigslist

If you are looking to sell items with a value of $10 or more, choosing Craigslist over Ebay may be a smart choice for extra money fast. Craigslist lets you advertise your items to sell to people in your local area. If you are looking to make extra money fast, Craigslist is the resource to go to.

Craigslist is a free online classifieds website. Don't let its look fool you, it truly is the best way to reach local buyers when you are trying to sell a few items and makey extra money fast. I've had great experiences with Craigslist. From our house alone we've sold full size baby strollers, childrens clothing, live aquarium fish, and more. You can get a fair price for your items. I was able to sell my daughters used stroller priced new at $100 for $50.

Listing Your Item On Craigslist

There is a method to listing on Craigslist that will get the best attention.

  1. Put your craigslist ad in both the right catagory and the narrowed down location. People who do not want to drive far may choose to browse only by their location.
  2. Make your title descriptive and search friendly. Use common keywords. Use the brand name where possible. Capitilize the first letter in each work. This will make your item stand out.
  3. Always include your price and location. People are browsing and many will not open an ad unless the title, price, and location are all to their liking.
  4. You ad content should be descriptive. The family history of the item is not neccesary but be sure to mention anything that isn't working properly or any dents and tears. 
  5. Always include a picture. People are more likely to open ads that show the img icon next to the classified title in the search. If you do not have a picture of the item, either find one online and say "picture is not of actual widget but is a visual representation of what my widget looks like."

Use Common Sense

Absolutley anyone who e-mails you from Craigslist in relation to anything other than buying your item is spam phishing.

Only deal with people in person. Do not agree to mail the item. Do not accept checks that are not local.

Other Things To Consider

People will try and get away with anything. You will want to make your contact e-mail available. Craigslist offers to protect your e-mail address by anonymizing yours and displaying an anonymous email address for contact. If you are planning to list your phone number put strict instructions so that you will not have to deal with rude buyers.

Here are somethings to add into your craigslist ad that will save you a headache

  • Calls are only allowed from 5pm to 9pm (put in your preferred time preference)
  • First come first serve, item will not be held under any circumstances. First person to show up gets it.
  • Buyer must pick up.
  • Specify cash only in your ad. This is the easiest, simplest way to avoid taking a check that is stolen or written against a bad account.


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    • profile image

      Clint Rodricks 5 years ago

      Hi, I have created a free application that anyone can use to create a custom Craigslist Add for free. Go to and download it if you want to start making better ads for free without any computer skills needed. All you need are your pictures and some text you want to use for your description.

    • profile image

      Mary 5 years ago

      What if you have 2 people interested in the same item. And they want to come at different times? How do you handle that?

    • profile image

      hate spam 6 years ago

      I really think it is about time craigslist put a stop on's getting just too much 'CRAIGSLIST PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT SPAMERS'....!!!!!!!!!!

    • juliancreative profile image

      juliancreative 6 years ago from cape cod ,massachuttes

      hi great article,really informative,to the point ,easy to understand too.nice.

    • Habby profile image

      Habby 7 years ago from College Station, Texas

      Hey Sunstreeks, I'm new to hubpages and just posted my first hub. I wanted you to know I linked to this hub of yours about Craigslist. Thought you had great things to say and wanted others to see them!

    • profile image

      tfeydt 7 years ago

      i have recently put an ad on craigslist for a guitar and amp, and i have got nothing but spam. It's been about two weeks, and i was hoping to have it sold by now. Anything you would suggest to sell it faster? thanks!

    • profile image

      craigslist addict 7 years ago

      Craigslist is by far the largest online classifieds site. You can find tons of great stuff, provided you don't mind spending hours and hours searching. Good news, there's a craiglook - a craigslist search engine that lets you search multiple sites within up to 250 miles radius. It displays search results with thumbnails, phone numbers and distance to the location. Also, you can bookmark your searches and save for later.

      Very convenient and easy to use, saves me hours and hours of time and ton of money well spent :-)

    • dwaynewade3 profile image

      dwaynewade3 8 years ago

      I have a few brand new xbox 360 games and I will try using Craigslist to sell the games. Very informative article.